The Best Metatrader Indicator

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Which is the best metatrader indicator you have on your MT4 platform? Which is the one that you don’t have but want to have?

I guess what the ‘Best’ indicator is will depend on the individual trader. Personally, my favourite indicator is my Hooya Map that someone coded for me once. Nothing complicated. Just a great visual way to display a Macd, Moving Average and Stochastic. If you have read the article on the site about the 1 day Moving average you can probably guess what I set that too. Sometimes I don’t use the stochastic so I can just switch the colour to black so I only have a Map with two lines.

Although, I love trading via indicators I am totally not naive to their limits. The Hooya map is nothing new but you can see in the chart below that it is much more visually appealing than having two indicator windows and a moving average on one chart.

Hooya Map

So let know what you think is the best indicator out there. Don’t worry if it’s an indicator you have seen on some expensive forex indicator. Most are based on basic indicators which we will either have or can get coded for you….for free!!

If a few traders can suggest their favourite indicator then I will be able to set up an official Poll on the subject.

The Hooya Map is available to download from the files in the Metatrader Indicators section.

15 Responses

  1. jean says:

    hi could you send me that indicator or attached here I look for it and I didnt find it , great site thank you

  2. Jason says:

    sorry you are right it has disappeared from the list for some odd reason. Have uploaded it again. Try here.

    Hooya Map

  3. Jason says:

    You may also like these selection of indicators. I didn’t include my Map as it is not really an indicator as such more a different way to display indicators.

    Top Trading Indicators

  4. jean says:

    thank you so much and keep making this site greater

  5. behruz says:

    give me best indicator

  6. Jason says:

    you can down load what I think is the best indicator in the links in above posts called “hooya map”

  7. Jason says:

    My pleasure.

  8. yangwen says:

    give me best indicator

  9. Jason says:

    please see other comments above. Thanks

  10. Michael says:

    Hi Could you please to put this indicator in a zip file as that is the only way I am able to load indicator on to the Mt4′.
    With thanks Michael

  11. Jason says:

    you should need a zip file. See my other post. If you still have a problem I will email it to you. Let me know.

  12. HICHAM says:

    need to know the link to download the hooya map indicator

  13. Jason says:

    Please try the link posted a few comments above

  14. Gman says:

    Question, does the Hooya repaint?

  15. Jason says:

    No it does not. This is because it is based on macd/ ma/ and stochastics of which none repaint.

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