SchoolOfTrade.Com Trial Review

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I came across SchoolOfTrade.Com when I was looking for trading videos for Trading Videos. After watching a few vidoes I visited their website and signed up for a 3 week free trial.

The benefit of a free trail is that it allows you to see what you would be getting if you were to fork out for any of the trading courses that are on offer. These range from $49 for the beginner course and more for the intermediate and advance courses.

Having had a look at the free videos on TVO I had a pretty good idea what to expect when signing up for a free trail. The point of the free trial is to get access to the chatroom. This is not you ordinary basic msn/skype style chat room. This is a full on webinar style broadcast with full sound and full visuals.

Signing up for thr trial and the chatroom is quite straight forward. If you find it difficult, trading might not be for you as it will only get more tough from here on in :-) . The chatroom is on line from 12:30pm UK time every day of the trading week and the host of the chat room and schooloftrade is usually broacasting for about 5hrs give or take.

If you join the chatroom at the start you will see James start setting up his chart for the day a head.You will hear him speak and in all fairness to him you probably won’t hear him stop until you log off. He constantly gives you a desciption of what he is doing and is going to do and more importantly why he is doing it.

SchoolOfTrade.Com trades various markets using, multiple time frames, support resistance lines, momentum, time of sales and volume size. They use all these things to create a strict set of rules on when to get in and when to get out of a trade. In all honesty we are talking scalping here. You probably could not trade this sort of system on spreadbetting platforms. Once the US markets open the trades often come thick and fast. And in reality the likely hood of trading any trades during the free trial is small. You will need to watch every day and then probably sign up to the membership or courses and learn as much as you can. Although James does give away pretty much most of the information about his trading set up for free anyway.

He is also very happy to answer any questions you may have and if very clear in his answers. The whole set up of the webinars are as good as you can hope for and I think you get a lot of information for free. It also makes a nice change to hear someone else talking about trading whilst working from home. He seems very professional in his trading as he is in his website/webinar set up which is always a good sign.

There is no doubt the free trial is worth a bit of your time in my opinion. If anything it will inspire you to look at trading a different way. Although I think his entry method is at times a little complex I can not deny that he did make consistant profits (tick wise) at the end of most days. The trading style might be a little short term for my liking and as of yet I have not signed up to the membership but I think for a free trial you can get a lot of useful information out of it.

Because of the the amount of information given out for free and the set up that delivers that informatioin GTS has awarded the SchoolOfTrade.Com Trial a GGGGG rating.

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  1. Bradley J says:

    I agree, i learned more in his trial than i did with most of the other educators i had to pay!

    i joined the community as a lifetime member and it was the best decision I ever made.

  2. Jason says:

    What is it you like about his trading system?

  3. Bradley J says:

    Why do I love this system?


    – I make money every day with it
    – THey are awesome to work with, they always help me
    – I love the trade room
    – They are always adding new patterns and new techniques

    Did i mention that I make money every day? thats really the best part! Got to quit my job this past Holiday, best decision I ever made guys.

    Advanced Course, wise investment.

  4. Jason says:

    ah I remember that feeling of realising you will be working for yourself from now on.

    However, 6 years on it gets a little boring to be honest. But hope it goes well for you.

    And to anyone who is keen on trying this system just make sure you demo demo demo.

  5. Ted says:

    I agree with you Jason, im a member of the schooloftrade and the process of learning crude oil and gold is made a lot easier starting with a simulator.

    I recall a few good suggestions JJ gave me on a call once, tips about moving from sim to live, and one tip that stands out was to use market replay to practice like a practice swing on a gold shot…

    I thought the trial was amazing. I learned so much with them every day, I literally joined so I could keep getting the information every day, and the course was a bonus for me.

    The trade room is great, and the specific attention has pretty well surpassed what I expected, so I would recommend it to a friend.

    I’m retired, so my daily goals are relatively low, but earning consistently with this method has been exciting and an a wonderful experience.

  6. Trader Tod says:

    Careful out there…a simple google of this system does not look so good.

  7. Jason says:

    Thanks for your comment. I too have seen that site that really shows a dislike for school of trade. Obviously had a bad experience. Two things to note. Firstly, my review was only done on the trial so I can’t really say what the real trading would be like. But I stand by the fact that it was a very thorough trial with they way it was set up. Secondly I have noticed that ‘site’ seems to be hell bent on “proving” School of Trade is a scam…however there doesn’t seem to be many others who feel the same.

    If you did a similar search for forex EAs, as an example, there would be hundreds telling you how bad it is. I’m not saying SofT is not at scam or that it is a scam. I think people will have to make up their own minds. But either way ou should be able to get a good idea from a trial. In fact if it is a scam then it is probably the only forex scam that gives you a free trial first.

  8. eddie says:

    Im a recent member of and i have had nothing but good results.

    My brother also learned this method and he too trades with us profitably each day, and our family is putting together our first managed fund this year, very excited.

    It took me about 4 weeks to get making money each day, and I think that should be an important thing to remember.

    I always reminded myself that this would take some time and effort to make it work, and it definately did.

    I dont trade as a scalper with JJ, i follow the same patterns, but I use his slower timeframes.

    My sweet-spot is a simple 2-step pattern using SOT’s ‘trigger tool’

    Its actually pretty easy, he walks us through the entire process, I just dont see how anyone could NOT make this work if they simply come and ask questions and put some effort into it.

    im not the smartest person in the world, and I make money with this system.

    hope it helps guys.


  9. Trader Tod says:

    This is a absolute rip-off…ask Joseph James to show you his trade history at the end of the trading session in the room. He will not show you because he is not even trading on a live account. Instead he will show you his excel spreadsheet with his ‘ideal’ results. His trap technique is a con, it will not give you any better entry. What happens is as the price gets close to a potential Wave Setup or 2-step, Joseph James the scammer will enter regardless. If it turns out to be a false break-out, he will never move he Trade Management Chart onto the viewable webinar screen. If the trade continues to move, Joseph James the scammer is already in at an incredible price, and out with +3 ticks and break-even on the rest. If the trade continues, sure everyone is happy, but usually the market is ranging and choppy and you will get in 2-5 ticks worst than Joseph James the scammer and you will take a loss when it turns, whereas he will be out with a +3 scratch. Also he pays sentimental lip service to the ‘single-contract’ trader, but if the majority of the time he is taking +3 scratch, his system just simply doesn’t work for beginning traders moving from a demo account to trading with single contract. This is not just merely a bad experience, there are many who have complained about similar on the internet. of course there maybe some who are blinded to this fact because they started on a day when there was a big move, but their time will come, that is if they are indeed not Joseph James the scammer or his entourage. BEWARE OF THIS SCAMMER, he will leech your dreams of trading for a living and make a living off you. Don’t buy that lifetime membership, you will buy a lifetime of regret. One more fact, Joseph James the LYING SCAMMEr said he was going to make an automated version of the system….well that was all we heard, and it was never produced, this is simply because, this system does not work long term, it only works when JJ can filter trades during the live webinars, using excuses. BEWARE, all these setups are not so special anyhow, sure if u are a newbie you will learn during the 3-week free trial, he will seem like a nice guy and all, but it is only a facade. U can get better strategies online for free.

  10. Jason says:

    “U can get better strategies online for free”

    excatly..hence this site:-)

    But I would say once again remember my review was only of the trial not of live trading.

  11. Sungod says:

    Trader Tod,

    Did you have a bad experience in his Live trading room. I am not a member or work for school of trade. You simply wrote about your opinion. You didn’t state any credible facts.

  12. Jason says:

    “You simply wrote about your opinion”

    which he has a right to do. Like I did. What credible facts are you looking for? Opinions are all we have.

  13. TC says:

    I also have done the free trial.
    So here is my take. His methods are sound and they do work.
    But the live trading room is a scam. He is most certainly not trading live, or he would show you his DOM. And if you really listen to when he calls out a trade, its very vague. The biggest losses I have had were trying to shadow trade him. I could never tell if he was in a trade or not.
    But when I try his technique myself, I have done pretty well with it. Not as good has he supposedly does, but much better than I used to. Also he makes most of his money on Oil and Gold.

  14. Sean says:

    I’m a current member of and i’m looking for other members who are currently making money with SOT to come and share there experiences with me with the hope of setting up a forum type community.

    Get in touch

    ps. Eddie and Bradley J I’d love to hear more, drop me a line.

  15. PiCoTrader says:

    I also am a SofT member since January 2010 and the idea to gather is interesting Sean.

    Any real SofT member can contact me at

    I am on Skype traderoom while watching JJ’s and don’t mind forming a new traderoom….why Skype? because conversation can stay private!

    So far, I love JJ but just can’t trade his method.
    Time/Sell window confirming entry is too stressful for me.
    I prefer pure price action.

  16. Jason says:

    The GTS forum will be set up by the end of the week so you will be able to discuss all the SofT stuff there. I will make sure it has its own topic.

  17. Sean and PiCoTrader, a twitter site is now available for current SOT members to communicate with each other, search for SOTReview.

    The trade2Win(t2w) forum provides the best details about this scam. Anybody wondering if this is a scam or not should just read post #176 on the forum, it most definitely is a scam.

  18. I believe its common knowledge that JJ trades in SIM nowadays, the recent terms and conditions published by SOT themselves confirm that for anyone in doubt. However, new evidence is confirming that his publicised profit results are also fake as he excludes many of his losing trades from his numbers.

    I just posted a audio clip captured directly from the SOT live trade room. The audio recording shows JJ calling out a losing gold trade which magically vanishes from the commentary once it goes bad. JJ then makes out like he never called the trade in the first place. This is such a common occurrence in my experience in the SOT SIM FAKE results room. Well I guess 2 losers in a row won’t look too great on JJs fake p&l spreadsheet. Please search for “FakeTradingResults” on You Tube to hear the audio clip.

    Another review from a recent SOT trial member provides a good write up on, search for SOTReview

  19. Michael says:

    I have watched his videos and been in the chat room and while I can’t say for sure that he is a scammer he never shows his live account and never shows the DOM which on NINJA Trader specifically would show if he were on the sim or live account. Ill bet my life savings 80% of the time he is not trading real money, he does offer alot of free videos and information on drawing trend lines, support and resistance all in one place, so if your smart STAY AWAY from the $3799 and just sign up for the beginner course learn as much as you can and go find a real trader to mentor you the rest of the way. But if its true he has over 200 people in the chat room who have all paid over $3K the math alone tells you he makes his living on selling hope. For someone who wants to get a feel for futures trading the free trial is perfect but after that look elsewhere he aint trading for real bottom line, if he were theres no way he’d have time talk so much LOL!

  20. BRYAN says:

    could any SOT members E-mail me please, would love to share results and tips

  21. Brina Donaldson says:

    Hey, Everyone that thinks Joesph James is trading sim account your wrong. This past week in a Member Trading video or daily webinar. He was showing something on this DOM and then opened up this accounts drop down tab. I don’t have a Mirus Futures account but two numbers ending in Mirus showed up with sim accounts in the list. He would be stupid not to trade live. This year his been averaging about $1200 per day. If you don’t want to join then don’t nobody cares.

  22. Greg Michaelson says:

    Im sorry but in the interest of protecting new traders looking for a good education I cant recommend School of Trade with a clear conscience. It is a scam until Joseph James opens up his audited brokerage statements and verifies he is taking trades in a real account theres no way to validate his claims, he can draw trendlines all day on as many charts as he likes, he can highlight trades after the fact left and right. He does not show anyone his DOM or trading statements. Excel spreadsheets dont count if they did everyone would be running a hedgefund with made up money and profits its just not real. You are selling people on your ability to make money in the markets with your methods so logic dictates that you open up the books and prove it. Joseph James is a scammer operating a real service, he has a real trading room where people can login he has a Ninja Trader account with a data feed showing real market data but hes not showing his own results or execution he claims for privacy reasons but anyone who works on Wall St. or in trading knows that its a full disclosure game which is what boggles me the most about people wondering if hes honest or not. He makes a living selling a course that IMHO does not produce consistently profitable results as he claims. Now if he can show otherwise Ill post on a 100 websites that he is legit and puts his money where his mouth is. I trade for a living but dont teach, in my opinion the only legitimate traders who are selling training or courses are those that are willing to show you their account statements bottom line take your money elsewhere you can thank me later :-)

  23. GreatTradingSystems says:

    You could well be right. As I have stated my review was only of the trial and I think the review is fair.

    Out of interest as you trade for a living I am looking for traders who trade for a living who are willing to answer some interview questions but also provide evidence of their trading success. It would go a long way to help other traders restore their faith in trading and considering you would like similar evidence from another trader (James) you could be the perfect interviewee.

  24. Lloyd Hopkins says:

    Please take a look at the SOT review site on Facebook, just search for “ Review” from the Facebook home page

  25. GreatTradingSystems says:

    I have approved your comment but I want it to be known that GTS isn’t taking sides in this issue with SOT. I only reviewed the trial so have no knowledge of actual trading with SOT.

  26. Justin says:

    I too am a current member os SOT. Two points need to be made. First, SOT has tremendous educational value. JJ is a very good trading educator. You will learn the importance of patience, discipline, daily preparation, note taking (too often overlooked), money management, correlation markets, trading psychology and a host of other invaluable information about trading. The free trial provides a phenomenal wealth of education about trading.
    Second, any remarks he makes about his own trading and trading results must be summarily disregarded. They are false. He is unwilling to put his own money on the line to trade his own methodology. What can he possibly teach you about live trading your account when he is unwilling to trade his own methodology with his own money on the line?
    His trades are falsified. Maybe he took the trade and maybe he didn’t. What is clear is that his trading results are falsified as well. They are cherry picked. Have you ever heard him say something like, “Let’s go short the gold, short the gold!” and then say 5 seconds later “Hold on”!!?? Obviously it moved against him and he hadn’t taken the trade. Losing trade. Are you surprised when this losing trade doesn’t show up on his P&L?
    Try jumping out of an airplane when the instructor tells you you should and then as you are flying past the tail fin hear him say “Hold on”! Too late. You are already committed.
    I would hear JJ say, “let’s go long the crude, long the crude” and within 3-4 seconds say, “first one off, first one off and we’re flat” all within 6-7 seconds.
    I bought the course to learn how he did it. The course can not teach you how to get falsified trades that he never took!
    Have you looked at his auto-trader with it’s 66% win/loss ratio? Did anyone happen to notice that the wins on Crude and the Euro were completely negated by his losses on Gold?
    I made a decision to purchase his course based on emotion. I wanted to believe that he was getting these results. I wanted to believe that if I just studied and applied what I learned I too would get these results. I wanted to believe and I was blinded by greed and hope. Too this day I have not recouped that $4000 loss. How many losing trades would I have to have to amass a $4000 loss? How long will it take you to get it back. When I do it will not come from JJ’s method.

  27. GreatTradingSystems says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post.

    I am sure should you dedicate your time to trading you will recover those loses. Personally I would never suggest anyone spend any such amount of money on someone else’s trading system.

    You will always be limited to their knowledge if you do (good or bad). But also $4000 could always be spent ‘losing’ in the markets. A sure fire way to learn quickly.

    Out of interest was it because it was very expensive that you felt that it was going to make you money?

    Also, did you trade (even on demo) during the trial? Did nothing strike you as odd at that point or did the trades trigger as per SOT?

  28. GreatTradingSystems says:

    Also are there any people who are standing up for SOT?

  29. Justin says:

    I believed that he was actually trading and getting the results he claimed to be getting. My desire to get his results blinded my rational thinking- if I have any lol. But JJ gives just enough information to want more. Duped into believing that he was actually trading and getting his “results” $4000, to learn, seemed a small price. Consider, a $4000 cost with $1000’s made each day (shoot even knock that down to $500/day) and I’d recover my investment in two weeks. I saw what I wanted to see. I was blinded by my own greed and hope. It never occurred to me, no matter how fantastic his claims, that something was amiss.

  30. GreatTradingSystems says:

    It is tough. I know a lot of system sellers try to make you feel like you are missing out on something. Which I guess is the basis for this site; to try a show traders that more often than not you are not missing out on some secret that will make you rich.

    I am assuming then from what you have said SOT doesn’t not work full stop.

    Have you thought about releasing his system yourself to the public for free?

  31. Justin says:

    Follow up thought… And part of my decision was the education. He was saying all the right things and his education lent credibility to his methodology. He knows what it takes to trade and to be successful. I carried that credibility over to his method. That’s why I wanted to break my response into two parts because they are two completely separate considerations. Please people step back and see it objectively. JJ is an excellent salesman. He uses your desire to be a successful trader. The more desire you have the more blinded you may be. Because of that strong desire he’s halfway there to making the sale. All he has to do is provide the catalyst. Falsified trades and trading results are the perfect ticket. All he has to do is find ways to cover his losses, either with 7 second winning trades, selected screens that show his winning trades and obscured losing trades.

  32. GreatTradingSystems says:

    “He knows what it takes to trade and to be successful”

    obviously IF he is scamming people he clearly doesn’t know how to trade.:-)

  33. Justin says:

    I’m not sure I agree with that 100%. I think it might be an issue with his methodology more than his education. I don’t think anyone would argue that he’s not a very good educator. Probably Lloyd who is championing the cause against him wouldn’t even criticise JJ’s education. His trading and his trading results are something different entirely. Of course there’s the old cliche “they that can’t do- teach” is probably valid in this case. Or maybe he has no need to trade. If he sells 4-5 memberships a month that’s $16-20K a month. As you noticed and as others have stated on your thread there is a lot of good education being offered. I just want to make the distinction that just because he talks the talk to not confuse that with walking the walk.

  34. GreatTradingSystems says:

    But what is he educating? If it is as you say, he pretends to be trading and his trading system/method does not work everything else is moot.

    The clichés that you need to be disciplined, to be successful or you need patience or need to keep control of your emotions, or trade with the trend etc in my opinion are all smokescreens for not having a good trading system or method. Obviously these things are important (especially if you a discretionary trader) but with out a profitable system they are all useless.

    So teaching/educating has to be within context of the method. Ultimately if his education were any good his system would be also.

  35. Michael says:

    I have been a member of SOT for 2 years. The education in futures is very good. Many things he teaches are good.

    1) You learn the platform of Ninja Trader, a lot of basic principals
    2) The autotrader is starting to make more consistent money this year, unlike the past

    1) He does not use the trading style he preaches
    2) He does not show you his DOM (and ignores emails when you ask about it)
    3) He does not show the trade chart entry until he has made his first 5 ticks. (In my 2 years, he showed a full stop only once! – and I “was” consistently in the traderoom for 1.5 years) – now I have had to move on to other strategies that work … not JJ’s.
    He shows you only what he wants you to see so that you think he’s earning money every time he enters. Again, you will never see a chart display showing his entry at that time. He only opens this up AFTER he has made the 1st 5 ticks. (and covered a full stop loss) This took me a while to figure out and is the root of being able to scam people.
    4) He makes complete lies about the autotrader saying:
    – every contract has made money this month
    (note – members run his same strategies/parameters and we took loses the first 2 weeks of January. He did not state this but instead bragged about winnings)
    * Though I admit … many of his strategies -have- made money the last 2 weeks. The stragies usually make money for a few weeks and then take pretty hard drawdowns. The ninja trader back tester is NOT very accurate. Even NT notes the discrepancies on their website. Use this as an approximation, only.
    5) And the worst of all is that he does not answer email questions anymore. SOT now requires you to sit through their Q&A workshop (which is held during the day) to answer email questions. This impossible for those of us who have other jobs as well.

    So in conclusion, I learned a lot about trading (but not $3400 worth). I hope this helps people make a more educated decision.

  36. GreatTradingSystems says:

    Interesting. thanks for your comments.

  37. NeverGiveUpTrader says:

    If there is any profitable truth in the art of technical analysis JJ is amazing. Do I believe he is making money in the futures market? YES! Anybody can watch the charts in real time if you’re a member and see that the candlesticks move in the direction he expects about 80% of the time. His anticipation of the market is discussed in the trading plan 2 hours before the market opens. If you don’t have a clear and precise trading plan you will most likely lose money.. My trading plan is about 8 pages long. The best there is.

    I am a member of SOT and it requires a lot of hard work to become a master in the Futures market. Anybody who gives up will easily call JJ a scammer. The fact is that the 10% profit community are the traders who know the craft. To know the craft you must know what JJ educates us in.

    Out of 440 trades this year I had over 80% winning trades. 90% winning selling short.

    Yes, he does sell hope.. But who can say that achieving dreams doesn’t require hard work? I have three degrees in different areas of study and I can say that this is just as demanding as 1 year of Computer Science courses at a University. So my guess is that if you don’t take it extremely serious you will most likely end up losing money.
    The Final exam is when you go live on the DOM :-)

    I hope this helps..

  38. Don says:

    Hi everyone,

    I can only speak for myself on this, but my experience with JJ and has been great. JJ is a true professional who has committed so much time to me and other members’ success I feel that I owe it to him to tell my story here too.

    First, his education in his trade room is 100-times better than anyone else I have ever seen. Seriously, this guy is superman in the way he calls trades, show us where to enter/exit/targets, and still makes sure to take questions and trade himself! incredible stuff, never seen anything like it before.

    Second, he offers training EVERY DAY. So every day we get to ask questions and he shows us in his training room, that to me is such an advantage over other education I have tried in the past that is nothing more than a PDF and a trade room with poor trade calls and NO long term education.

    Third, im making money almost every day with his trading methods. It took me 3 weeks to take the time and learn to trade like him. Yes, I said it, i had to WORK a little to learn it, and im amazed at how many people on these forums are lazy looking for the magic trade-caller. I would much rather know how to trade on my own than be tied to a trade room every day, just my opinion. I am averaging over $3,000 per month on 2 contracts and I am very happy.

    Third, the auto trader has changed my life.
    I have been making money with the fast track method which he calls live in the trade room, but this auto trader is so cool. I downloaded the strategy, I used his templates, and I attended the trainings to learn how to use it. I used it demo for 10 days and then 90 days ago I started trading it live. This auto-trader takes the trade for me, and all i need to do is move my stop and profit target to where our trading plan tells me. Again, it took me 10 days to learn, i know, effort needed im sorry, but after I learned it was very easy.

    Im retired, almost 65, and this is something that has really helped my lifestyle, and i would be happy to communicate with anyone who has any doubts this stuff works.

    Since the well never runs dry i would be happy to share my experiences with anyone interested.

    – Don

  39. Peter says:

    I have been a member for 90 days as of today and I wanted to provide my feedback as well.

    I am indeed making money with this trading method, and I would indeed recommend it to a friend. The real value is that JJ teaches me to fish every day (as he says) so that I can be a trader on my own some day. that is a huge value for me.

    Yes, this is not a get rich quick, that needs to be assumed.
    Yes, you will need to learn how to use the information that JJ gives you.
    Yes, it will take about 2 weeks to get earning with these methods.
    (these seem to be obvious but apparently not to many people i see on this thread, you DO need to apply some effort)

    With that said, I have had good results. I have had a few losing days, but my results are positive week to week.

    I am using the auto trader flex strategy and using it to provide me with automated entries, and then I am taking profit on my own. I earned my enrollment fee back in the first 3 weeks of using the auto trader, pretty cool.

    I also attend the live trade room, and I take the fast track trade calls. Again, you need to learn how to trade the fast track first, come to any of the daily trainings and JJ will show you, its not hard, but you do need to learn it.

    I am using the fast track trade plan, and im making money with that today. last Thursday I took all of the Gold trade calls and made over 100 ticks on 2 contracts with those, which is my best day so far.

    It seems like everyone here thinks that they can find this info for free online…so why are they on these forums? if it was THAT easy why aren’t all the skeptics printing money on their own lol, i think that’s funny when people say you can find all of this online for free…just like you can find info on a toothache but you still need a dentist right?

    I make money with thie trading methods provided by JJ and, and it looks like there are a lot of others making money with this method too so congrats!

    I would like to thank JJ and the SOT staff for making this all possible, im excited for tomorrow’s trade room!

  40. Benjamin says:

    Hi Everyone, I’ve been a member for over 18 months with and JJ, and I have continued to be impressed by how hard JJ works for us as members, how easy it is to ask questions and get support, and how well the Fast Track Method prepared me for my trading career.

    I graduated college without any real direction when I met Joseph at and I was impressed right away like I think a lot of people are. Not really knowing what I was getting myself into, I jumped in and started learning.

    I made the rookie mistake that I think everyone makes, I tried to learn all of it at once, and ended up blowing my first account because I tried to scalp every move in the market, even as JJ reminded me over and over again to complete the ‘custom’ trade plan worksheet…I just never thought I needed a trade plan…boy I was wrong. I just didn’t realize how important it is to be patient for the best patterns at the right times of the day.

    Fast forward 12 months later and I am making money almost every day. After I blew my tiny trade account, I had a private training with JJ and he reminded me of the Fast Track method ( I knew about it the whole time, but never took it seriously). After reviewing the fast track method I realized it wasn’t a bad idea to follow Joe’s plan, I tried to be a ‘bull in a chine shop’ and that didn’t work, now I needed to LISTEN to JJ…and off I went.

    10 days to learn, 10 days on demo, and then I went back to a live account and what an amazing difference. Looking back on it now, I knew I had a trade plan that JJ gave me, why didn’t I use it? If I only knew then what I know now right?

    I took my first 3 months on 1 contract with the fast track method, then moved to 2 contracts, and now a year later I’m trading 6-8 lots during the day, and even put my profits into the auto trader and have made money there as well. I guess I can say that in the end I’m the happiest trader in our live trade room most likely.

    The team at and JJ have dramatically changed my life, I cant even think of where I would be right out of college without the whole package. He provides me with daily discipline and motivation, even eating healthy has been something he rubbed off on me too :) On top of the ‘intangibles’ I’m making real money to pay my bills, and for that I am forever grateful.

    I got an email from a friend of mine this week talking about how upset he was in another trading chat room for stocks. I told him he needs to go see JJ at the very least to get himself back on track…but I know he wont leave once he sees the value that I did.

    Thanks for letting me share this with you guys. Hope it helps new people understand the value the I saw in this program. It may not be for everyone, but learn from my mistakes, if you put some effort into it, listen to what JJ is telling you to do, you’re going to do very well.

  41. Gann says:

    I have read your all coments guy, and I see there are more people who are not huppy and who are disappointed what they met inside the school. from other side few guys who claims it changed their life, but who knows if you are real guys, your opinions for me are too tendency, I dont see any detail. Like you are huppy it has changed your life ok, just make print screen of you few last month broker statement from manual and auto trading.
    I used to hire traders for one prop company, and the only one thing we wanted to see on the very begining was the statement, nothing else! If a guy is telling me how good he is and then he is showing me the statement where one day is win one lost, then I know its crap. Anyway if any of you want to show me the statement I can still hire him or her.

    I would like to contact with as many as posible present members of SOT. plese write me

    I mainly wanted to make a decision about buying this because of the auto trader, and I would like to ask you guys about some details.

  42. Matt B says:

    My experience with has been very positive, and after 3 weeks of practice ive been making money each week for 6 weeks.

    First, the customer service I received was great, they always answered my calls and emails asking for help, which was a BIG issue for me because I was worried about setting up charts and things on the computer. that was a big plus. great attention from their team.

    Second, I spent the first week in training absolutely clueless, im sure im not the first one to do that, but after about 3 training sessions it started to make sense and I quickly improved using the charts and software with guidance from JJ.

    6 weeks ago JJ gave me a trading plan, and we did a training on how to use it correctly. I am using the fast track plan and have been trading 2 contracts for 4 weeks without a single losing week. Ive had only 3 losing days, and with JJ’s help they were very small losses at that. consider this old dog IMPRESSED.

    Ive been trading 2 contracts for 4 weeks now, and ill be ready to move to 5 or 6. I guess the sky really is the limit, and that is why I wanted to share my experience today.

    I have recommended this to my brother and a close friend. You’ll be sorry you missed this opportunity in my opinion.

  43. GreatTradingSystems says:

    A lot of positive comments in favor of SOT recently. Seems that the trading community is still divided. keep the comments coming.

  44. Roger C says:

    I must have joined at the right time because The Members-Only trade room opened 2 weeks ago and I must say, this is the coolest feature I’ve ever seen. Learning with JJ in the main trade room, and then communicating the strategies with all the other Traders in the Members only room, is awesome! This is EXACTLY the type of environment I have been looking for. Put simply, this is priceless and a HUGE value added to my membership, trust me on this one.

  45. Vince says:

    Since I’ve joined over a month ago, I’ve really enjoyed the Live trade room feature that School of Trade has. From the two week trial up until the day that I joined, every day was different and fun! The real advantage is their members trade room feature which is just a real treat. JJ is a great educator/moderator in the room, really makes learning the material manageable and yes you have to ACTUALLY do some work, but I know its worth it in the long run. His training methods are very appealing and for me, since this is my 4th adventure with finding a trade room, I knew I was in the right place when I noticed how he really relates to a broad audience of traders new and experienced.

    I’ve made some serious coin since I’ve joined and it just keeps getting better! With JJ’s sessions each day and then the “One on One” portion (what I call the members room) I continue to learn more and more about every aspect of trading, from diet, to preparing charts, to studying the news, to calling trades..if you put the time in and really make the effort, this is a career possibility for literally anyone!

    I havent had a losing week since I began, now I know its early, but I’ve never traded like this with other rooms. I’m taking about 3-5 trades per day, with no stress, just following along with the plan in the trade room and attending trainings for support in ANYTHING I don’t understand, or need further explanation.

    All in all, I would recommend the Advanced Course to anyone looking to learn how to day trade in a fun, exciting, and stimulating environment. Especially if you are someone like me who has had been to a few other trade rooms and has had not been successful. I cant believe how much energy JJ has each day, I mean the guy gets up at 4am Monday – Friday to educate and help those who attend. He really intrigues you with his style and words of wisdom. JJ’s trade room is my daily dose of trading prep that keeps me coming back every day to learn more.

  46. Kirk says:

    I can only speak for myself, but ever since I came on board with School of Trade I’ve been very impressed with the program. The trade room is very useful for all kinds of traders in my opinion, the knowledge you gain every day from Joseph is so beneficial, you don’t want to miss a day. I feel like I’m back in college, but its so worth it…I’ve seen myself improve as Trader each week.

    Some people have asked me if its difficult to learn and understand what goes on in the trade room, truth is, its very effortless. Just like anything else that you get involved with for the first time, it takes time and dedication. Joseph is a very professional and hard working educator, which makes a huge impact in this area, by making the trade room atmosphere entertaining and valuable.

    At first, I wasn’t making a great deal of money, which of course is not the best motivator off the bat, especially with the initial investment needed to start. Then time went on and I followed the trade plan that Joseph provided, which he gladly walked through and explained for us. I continue to make money with this plan every week, how can you argue with that?

    Like I said, this is just my personal experience, but I am very pleased with School of Trade. The support is there when you need it and I’m learning something new every day!

  47. Matthew says:

    I had no idea what a day trader was, let alone what they do, but I tell ya…that JJ made it real easy for me. Learning a great deal from him and I’m making money every day. I couldn’t be happier and I’m lovin the Members only room.

  48. GreatTradingSystems says:

    Becoming a bit of of a JJ/SchoolofTrade fan club on here. LOL

  49. Rose says:

    Thank you School of Trade! I’ve been to at least 3 other trade rooms before I decided to sign up and I won’t name names, but there is no comparison. When I signed up I was hoping to find that SOT will provide me with the proper knowledge and tools to improve my trading skills and they most certainly did.

    At first glance, the trade room doesn’t seem like much, but then you are introduced to the exceptional skills of Joseph and his ability to educate traders of all levels. His trainings and methods are very intriguing, I truly enjoy listening to him and engaging conversation with him over certain topics. The most impressive aspect is the Members Only trade room because it allows you to meet other professional traders from all over and discuss real trading scenarios.

    Now of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I am very pleased with my decision to join because its not just a source of income…but a way of life you are learning about. I think its very ideal the way it is set up, only wish Joseph would share the mic sometimes :)

    Overall, it has been a great experience for me and every day I’m continuing to improve as a day trader. I hope I’ve shed some light on anyone that is curious about School of Trade and what it has to offer. Again this is my experience, but if you are willing to learn and eager to follow a plan…there is no doubt in my mind that you won’t be successful.

  50. GreatTradingSystems says:

    I am considering closing this comment section as I think people are being sent here to post good reviews.

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