Dow Jones Never Lose Trade by Karl Dittmann

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Dow Jones Never Lose a Trade ….really?…..Looks like “Karl Dittmann” has come out with a ‘new’ system.

But on a close look it actually looks like it is a re-hash of the old secret stock index trading system.

Old Site:-

This Our Review Of It Karl Dittmann’s Secret Stock Index Trade

New Site:-

But just to be clear that the original secret stock index trade was not tradeable on the Dow Jones. So I have to assume that “he” has adapted it for the Dow Jones. Re-using the old website does not mean that he his re-packaging his old system into a ‘new’ one just for marketing purposes but again he seems to be affiliate selling it which always worries me a bit.

I guess the only way to find out if this system is better/worse/the same as Secret Stock Index Trade is to buy and test it. I think I will put this system to the top of my list. We haven’t done any system reviews in a few months, mainly due to time constraints but I definitely think this one is worth getting reviewed quickly. And maybe run a live test on it for a few weeks/months.

Without a doubt this system will become a new marketed system that will fill the search engines with fake affiliate reviews but we will bring you anl honest review (hopefully early Feb) and you can make an informed decision whether to spend your hard earned money on “Karl’s” lastest system.

Updated 1st Feb 2010: Dow Jones Never Lose Trade Review completed.

One Response

  1. Jason says:

    Update: System purchased today…will do the review over the weekend.

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