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3 Reasons Why Super Pips Striker Will Not Make You Rich

You get them too, so I am sure you are as bored as I am with ‘spam’ trading methods coming though your email client on daily (if not hourly) basis. Occasionally, you get a real trader who has created a system they really do believe in. But for the most part they are just trash and

Bullpips MT4 Trading System Review

I was asked a while back to review the Bullpips trading system by the Bullpips website so here it is in all its glory. So what is Bullpips? Bullpips is a trading system for MT4, which in my opinion, sides more towards discretionary trading rather than being a mechanical trading system. This is

Forex Trade Miner Test

We have been asked, as we often are, to test some trade mining software for various trading instruments and whilst we are still reviewing the software we thought it would be a good idea to use the software to identify some trades for the month of May so we can ‘test’ the actual


Finding The Best Forex Trading System For Beginners

It’s normal for every aspiring forex trader to search endlessly for the best forex trading system on the market. This is always the case with beginners. This can be attributed to the fact that forex trading promises huge profits within a very short period of time. Many successful forex traders

MBFX Forex System Review

MBFX were proud enough to submit their system for review a few weeks ago so as always we’re only too happy to oblige at and take a look at it. MBFX trading system comes simply as two MT4 indicators, one MT4 template and a simple 9 page PDF manual. MBFX

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