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TradeMiner Review

I was approached a while back by Gecko Software and asked to test any of their products. It has taken a while to get this organised but for the last month I have been watching the results of a data mining test I did using the software and now is the time to publish the results. Whilst the

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Forex Trade Miner Test

We have been asked, as we often are, to test some trade mining software for various trading instruments and whilst we are still reviewing the software we thought it would be a good idea to use the software to identify some trades for the month of May so we can ‘test’ the actual


How To Protect My EA Or Indicator So It Can Not Be Unlocked

There is only one way to protect your metatrader EA or indicator so it can not be unlocked by anyone. Yes, that is possible. The main secret behind this idea is to use a web server. Any logical calculations will be done on the web server so no one ever will see them. Your software will use DLL

Forex Trading System Signal Providers

We have add a couple new forex trading system signal providers to our 3rd Party Trading Systems section. Firstly, Rent A Signal has thousands of forex trading systems which come with live and computerised online trading advisers. Rent A Signal provide forex signals, trading signals and use a


Forex G-Force

I am, as most traders are, interested in various different ways to trade. So a lot of my time is spent researching trading methods both old and new. And during this process you end up regerstering to various forums and websites. As a result your inbox gets spammed on a daily basis. One of the

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