Recover Deleted Charts In MetaTrader

Don’t worry we have all done it. Deleting something when you didn’t mean to happens to all of us at one point or another. It is no different when working on MT4 charts. Luckily there is an in-built simple solution.

Note: Before you start using your platform you must make sure you go to Tools -> Options -> Charts and select the box that says “Save deleted charts to reopen”. If this is not done you will find it hard to recover lost charts.

To close/delete charts by using the File menu or by using the Ctrl+F4 combination. These will save your charts as templates which you can recover at a later date.

To recover deleted charts got to File -> Open Deleted where you will find the list of previously deleted charts. Selecting one of these will open up the chosen chart.

You will also notice there is an option to removed these at the bottom of the list. This WILL delete your charts for good so be careful not to slip on to that menu list.

Setting your platform to “save deleted charts” is a great option provided by the MetaTrader that you should make sure you use in future. This will prevent those horrid moments of dread when you realised you had just deleted something you wanted to keep.

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