Forex Secret Indicator-Karl Dittmann Review

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Forex Secret Indicator is the latest metatrader indicator forex trading system from Karl Dittmann. I had hoped to get someone from the “outside” to do a review of this trading system this time but alas I couldn’t find anyone would wanted to spend their time. Maybe that is because they have learnt what to expect from Karl Dittmann? Who knows.

I am not going to go into all the blurb on the marking click bank website but it contains all the usual suspects:-

“What if you had the most profitable Forex indicator that anyone could use to benefit from trading even without experience ”

“There are very few trading tools to forecast the future direction of a currency with 100% accuracy… It is a totally new technology 2010″

“Once you get my “Forex secret indicator” – you will never look back.”

I should also add that “Karl Dittmann” himself said in a email directly to me that, “This new indicator is honestly fantastic results… not just a marketing”.

If you are reading this it is likely you are looking for a real review on Forex Secret Indicator as you are sceptical of such trading system claims. And you are right to be.

The reality is that this fantastic indicator is not 100% accurate…he even says so in the document with the indicator that it has a hit rate of 70-80%. (at time of this being written). Personally it is hard to tell if that strike rate is accurate as it will depend on how one trades the forex indicator. I have had a look on short time frames and if you just close out trades at opposite signals you will be very hard pushed to hit 80%, that’s for sure.

Anyway, I am not going to go into how he suggests to trade this ‘forex secret indicator”. Yes it does come with a pop up that tells you your stop although you can work that out in your head, and yes he doesn offer to help you with his unique product, however I am not convinced you would need his indicator.

It may well be unique (I don’t know either way) but as with all indicators they are all based on similar things so 3 different metatrader indicators can look very similar even though they are said to be totally different.

forex secret indicator

As you can see the Fisher (m11) transform and BBsqueeze are very very similar to Karl’s forex secret indicator. I have only shown you a small section as this is all he shows to the public on his site etc so I do not want to show you any more than he does himself, however they are very similar across all time frames.

So my question to him is why if you believe “….. built-in chart indicators are just that….Standard! You will never become a successful trader using simple RSI, moving averages, trend indicators … Do Not waste your time” why build and sell an indicator that is as basic as it comes….the BBsqueeze histogram is basically momentum displayed as a histogram?


Fisher and BBsqueeze indicators can be downloaded free:Metatrader Indicators

Note: We do not have the Forex Secret Indicator to download

5 Responses

  1. Saivenkat says:

    Well said Jason, Karl Dittmann’s Forex signal indicator is more or less an indicator based on momentum. Me too contacted a few days back to karl Dittman through mail, but still i am yet to hear from him.

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks. I know some think I am after Karl Dittmann and his forex secret indicator system but it is the way he sells his indicators/systems and doesn’t tell the whole story that need to be put right. The worrying thing is for every Karl Dittmann there are 10 more and I wished I had the time and money to review all their systems.

  3. Pete says:

    Absolutely agree. I can’t say whether Karl Dittmann is a scam but I know, given how many he is selling now that he more a marketer than a trader or system designer.

  4. PIPS Cloner says:

    Nice post. This is a tough matter, I understand what your trying to say. This is a difficult business! Keep up the excellent information. Regards

  5. Longer timeframe trader says:

    There are just way too many red flags regarding Karl Dittmann’s many offerings. My impression of this guy is that he is much more of a slick marketer than a real forex trader. That’s because he seems to crank out a new secret indicator or super duper fantastic system at least 2 or 3 times per month that is somehow better than anything he or anyone else has ever sold. He is pretty good at making powerful attention grabbing ads, that much I’ll grant him. I don’t have anything against marketers at all, quite to the contrary. Most are honest and want to be known as reputable because they understand building a good reputation is extremely important to staying around over the long term. Getting a bad reputation from a parade of angry customers who became victims will eventually drive you out of business online just as surely as it does any other offline business. Like most people I just HATE scam artists who’s only goal is to steal our money as quickly as possible and also wasting our valuable time! I have purchased my share of garbage over the years too, and sometimes had a heck of a time trying to get a refund, despite the comforting claims of no questions asked 30 or 60 day money back guarantees. These days I always -ALWAYS- check things out that look interesting to me by spending a little time online researching the latest and greatest forex trading indicators/ systems/ or PDF e-books. Google, PeaceArmy, etc, and probably better than 95% of the time I decide against buying. I am really glad I took an objective look before getting out a credit card. Another thing is from the many comments I see online from his less than fully satisfied customers is that his money back guarantees are basically false promises. His materials are sold mostly through Plimus, NOT Clickbank. I never personally buy from Plimus unless I am 100% certain I don’t plan on asking for a refund. Plimus is notorious for making if very difficult to get ones money back, no matter what the sales pages iron clad guarantee says. Caveat Emptor

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