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FXUltraTrend (sometimes called/written as FX Ultra Trend or FXUltra Trend) is an forex trading system indicator that came popular in 2009. I would like to do a Fx Ultra Trend Review but don’t think it really is worth it. A quick search of the usual forums show that most people think it is pretty basic at best and most claim it is certainly nothing new.

On one forum a poster claims “This FX Ultra indicator is nothing more then the standard MACD”. If in fact it is true that would be in my opinion be a shocking way for someone to make money off newbie traders. It is something that I think trading system sellers should be shot down for doing. It is one thing to create your own indicator but totally different to re-hash a free public available indicator and re-brand it and call it something else and profit from it.

Some one forexfactory have claimed “It’s working off a CCI (45) >0 Blue, <0 Red". So as you see there are many different views on what FXUltra Trend is. But the question really is do you want to spend €70 finding out? When there are so many heiken ashi or TTM style free paint bar indicators is there any need to pay for such an indicator? This is how the FXUltraTrend Indicator looks on their website examples. Ultra So what I would suggest you do it try some of the indicators that have been suggested as being similar or the same as FXUltra Trend and see if you get similar looking charts. Obviously the chart is somewhat old news now but you should easily be able to tell whether you are looking at similar indicators. I would suggest if you can not tell the difference or similarities between indicators visually then indicators like this really aren’t for you and your trading.

Anyway take a look at macd (easy enough to find if you don’t have it already) and look at the other two suggested indicators below and see what you come up with. When I did I decided it wasn’t worth spending €70 on an indicator.



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  1. Forex Trading says:

    Forex Trading system is very nice system but this system will not works good for day trader. As day trader come for small pips and get them some pips easily. Forex trading system is best system then robots.

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  3. Day Trading Systems says:

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  4. Jason says:

    only just seen your posts. Sorry. Sure tweet and post away.:-)

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