Black Dog System Indicator

Love Trading Buy/Sell Arrow Signals? Try This!

I came across a system called Black Dog a while a go.

Naturally, as time has passed the “secret” to the method seems to be out of the hat. Having looked at the Black Dog System site and various forums it has been possible to obtain a template and indicator that look very similar to this system.

Having not bought this Black Dog system myself I can not state if the attached indicators are exactly what is represented in the original system but you can have alook at it and see if there is anything in the indicator/template attached.

Download Template Here
Download Indicator Here

(add both to your MT4 platform..please note the template will only load properly if you have the indicators it needs to load)

If you go on to most of the forex forums you will find a few discussions about the Black Dog trading system. I came across a decent thread on ForexFactory which will help you if you want to trade like other Black Dog traders.

Have a play with the indicator and see what you think.

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