Another ‘Heiken Ashi’ Indicator

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I came across this indicator on a forum this week. Pretty Much matches heiken ashi ma candles but instead it displays it as a ‘dot”.

The indicator is called “nolagdot”. It is definitely worth a look if you don’t like the candles being covered. It had adjustable colour, price and lenth. Unfortunately this indicator is only for metatrader 4.

Download: NoLagDots


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3 Responses

  1. rossini says:

    Nice indicator, does anyone know how the inputs ‘Filter’ and ‘ColourBarBack’ are calculated, I can see what they do, but it would be good to know how they do it?

    Please reply here….

  2. Jason says:

    Not sure to be honest. Will see if I can find out. If you understand mql4 then you look at the code in MetaEditor and see what the code relates to.

  3. rossini says:

    Hi Jason, I don’t know mql4 unfortunately. But if you are able to find out and post it here that would be great!!


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