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Below is a list of books I have personally read over my trading ‘career’. Some had a big impact on my trading and trading philosophy and some not so much. I will be adding some more as I read them or come across ones I have forgotten about.

This has to be the the clearest book on technical analysis. Definitely my “bible” of everything to do with technical analysis.

This book is another “bible” in my opinion, although this time it’s all about trading systems and methods. It’s big, it’s expensive but this goes in to every minute detail of common indicators and methods and theories. It has a lot of maths and coding in it for those who wish to code their own stuff so it’s quite heavy going but it is such a great reference book if you are keen on trading systems.

No better book to start learning Elliot Wave Theory. Nothing more to say really.

.Trading for a living is a nice quick book which has gained a reputation for good reason. It contains a bit about everything you need to know when first attempting to trade for yourself. There is a great bit on dividing your trading stake in to 3rds and developing a plan to scale out of trades to help you catch the runners but also bank some profit along the way.

Great book for getting you motivated and to help tune that trading mind. Contains plenty of stories and guidance which has made this a must read over the years for traders wanting to improve their own psychology.

The author of this book has gained in reputation over the recent years and is considered an authority on technical analysis trading and for the small cost of this book you get a little insight in to what he thinks makes good trading set ups.

Wow..this is a heavy book all about Fibonacci trading. It’s probably a must read if you have decided that you want to trade Fibonacci levels as a main trading tool. Probably not so good if you are looking for basic fib knowledge… can get that anywhere these days.

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