The world of online trading

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With the birth if the internet independent trading has never been more easy. All you need is a computer and little bit of cash and away you go. Below are a collection of links and articles that will help you get on your way to trading and investing yourself .

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  • This is money article

    Simple article to get you started with online trading

  • www.stock-trading-advice.comSome decent basic advise. Although I think the “98% of millionaires increase or create their wealth investing in the Stock Market” quote is a little misleading. I wonder what % of those 98% created their weath from investing. I would imagine it’s a lot less than one would expect. Although, I would imagine anyone wealthy will be directly or indirectly connected to investing. After all they have to put their money somewhere.
  • Trading With OscarCan’t beat a bit of Oscar entertainment. Don’t ask me about his market calls I wouldn’t know but his golden rules list is worth a read. My favourite ‘tip’ is “Use stops”. Why? Because I haven’t found or been shown a consistant way of trading with out them.
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