Financial Betting

Love Trading Buy/Sell Arrow Signals? Try This!

As discussed in my previous articles I have traded via spreadbetting, direct access futures, and binary betting. The one thing I have not really dabbled in is finanical betting via an all round betting firm.

It is more common today that the online sports and racing betting firms are offering bets on the financial markets. They are usually quote in “odds” rather a fixed binary style quote. This may appeal to someone who is already a sports or odds bet maker.

I usually find that some are better at watching and trading one type of pricing. For me I think I am better at standard financial quoting but some will see fraction odds or decimal quotes and immediately see where the advantage or disadvantage of a trade lays.

If you are such a person than it may be beneficial to check out some “betting” firms financial products.

are one of Britain’s leading book makers and they are now offering financial products. You can trade UK, US markets, forex, gold and oil prices. They are offering a range of high and low level bets at a given time and also bets on the close of day.

Another one is which now has a sperarate spreadbetting arm called This offers a full betting spreadbetting service. And if it as good as betfair when it first came out it should good enough for your spreadbetting needs.

Alternatively you could bet on the FTSE, forex & other markets with capitalspreads. They offer a free demo which is quite handy.

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