15 Rules For Forex Trading System Success

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Here are 15 rules that could keep you on the straight and narrow when it comes to trading your forex trading system. I know I have done these lists before but it never hurts to have another look at them. The all pretty much say the same things but worth going over them again…and again…and again.

1) Be diciplined.

2) Whatever you do, do it consitantly.

3) Always lower your trade size when trading badly…or stop trading for a while ( Not always possible in mechanical trading systems. In these cases you have to ride out ths system drawdowns as the system states.)

4) Never turn a winner into a loser.

5) Your biggest loser can’t exceed your biggest winner.

6) Do not keep flip flopping between systems. Find one and stick with it.

7) Only trade bigger lots when you are ready..not when your account is big enough to do so.

8) Trade as you not as someone else.

9) Get out of your losers quickly.

10) Never do anything that will take you out of the game. Tomorrow is another day

11) Don’t hope and pray your losses will come back. Trade with your brain not with hope.

12) Take a little bit frome the markets every day.

13) Accept losses as part of the game.

14) Learn to sit on winners a little longer than you would like.

15) Don’t over think.

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