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This is a just a quick review on the ftse and forex trading systems provided by The FTSE 100 Club. I am just nearing the end of a one month trial and thought it might as well let everyone know how it went.

The club is not a ftse or forex trading system per se but more a real time trading signal service.

“By becoming a Member of the Club you will receive 24/7 email support, SMS FTSE 100 Alerts, Forex Alerts by email”

Naturally with a “free trial” I can only comment on that and the information I was given during the free trial. In short the FTSE 100 club sends you your trade entry, stop and exits via text. Simple as that. I did find though that the text were a little slow, up to 5pts late in some cases getting to me but in reality I am not sure one could expect much more from such a service. Also as this is not a scalping system service a few points does not have a major impact although I wouldn’t want to be missing 10pts consistantly.

So far in my trial I have had 6 trades opened and closed. 3 were winners and 3 were losses. Winners totalled +214pts where as losses totalled -123 and thus a profit of 99pts was made over the 6 trades.

The trading signals come with stops which is must imo and whilst only 3 trades were losses I am concious that the total of the stops for the 6 trades were 278pt (by my calculation) at the time of opening of the trades. This means that based on 6 trades it is running a risk to reward of 1.29 to 1. Whilst this is not ideal I have to say I have seen worse alot worse.

The signals are suggested to be traded on IGindex but you can trade it on any FTSE index provider. The signals do require that you hold positions over night. I am not sure what happens if stops are triggered in a gap down/up in a the morning. As most spreadbetting providers have 24 hr pricing so maybe you would be stopped out overnight but I do not know if this is how the FTSE 100 club trade. You would have to ask. Obviously if they don’t use out of hours pricing you may not be able to close out at your stop and imo would make the signals worthless over basket of trades.

According to the FTSE 100 site it has only made ” 1,979 pips” in the last 20mths. This at least is a profit but when you closer at the run of wins and losses I find myself thinking the lossing months are a little too large for my liking. Especially if you have to pay yourself a wage monthly.

That being said…a profit is a profit. The FTSE 100 club also does Forex signals and although these were not tested it claims to be currently running a profit of “2,594 pip” since April ’09.

So in summary, as far as the FTSE trading signals go, I can say that you do get real time text showing enter, exit and stops as stated. Whether or not it is worth £40 per month to you, only you would know.

5 Responses

  1. Mark Mellor says:

    Hi Jason

    Thanks for your review on the FTSE 100 Club. I trialled it back in January/February. A couple of difficulties I found with it were firstly I had to be near a computer when trade alerts came in (though admittedly that could be largely overcome with an iPhone arrangement), the price I could get in at was often “worse” than the alert price level, i.e. the market had moved since the alert, and lastly I was nervous (and rightly so on a couple of occasions) at placing trades later in the day, after, say, 4pm onwards. Having said that, it has been profitable, as you point out, and I’m sure will suit some people.

  2. Jason says:

    thanks mark

  3. Andy Mansen says:

    I joined Ftse club a year ago and it’s been superb! can’t fault it at all. ok, it got losing months but in this last 14 months there have been just 1 losing month. i’ve had many systems in my life but there is simply none comparison.

  4. Gordon Hutchings says:

    I joined 3 months ago and frankly the results have been absolutely APPALLING, thank goodness I have not entered 1 lot trades. there has been a losing percentage trades of around 90% YES 90%. I have cancelled my subscription and lost all trust in their ability to forecast the Forex and Footsie 100, Considering they have TWO teams of experts it really is a very poor show. I think you would do better just to guess!! . (edited out website/system promotion-Admin)

  5. GreatTradingSystems says:

    That doesn’t sound so good. Would be intersted to see what the ‘100 Club’ guys have to say about that.

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