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Love Trading Buy/Sell Arrow Signals? Try This!

Forex Trigger? That sounds new? Yet again an email hits my in box knocking forex robots but then advertising some NEW fantastic trading method.

This time it is a clickbank product called Forex Trigger. It claims to understand that to make a great trading system you have to understand the two reasons why trading systems lose. Those being; “they enter late” and “they have huge risk and little rewards”. Yet this system claims to bank at least $13k in two weeks. Which in my experience can only mean taking on large amounts of risk.

The usualy format of winning trades shown followed by carefully managed trading statements are shown. There are the usual testimonials from “actors” (if you can call them that). They same full on forex marketing spiel that you get with fx robots. However this does claim to work on everything and anything from forex to stocks to index futures.

The selected “winning” trades fail to identify they entries exactly; they just hover above or below a big candle often implying the entry would be at the start of the candle. Again in my experience that is not the case.

The statement that “the market is in trend only in 20% of the time! So in the other 80% the other systems will lose money” is just used to fit Forex Trigger’s creator’s arguement for buying his system. Trend and range bound markets depends on ones own view. One persons trending chart could form only part of one other’s range bound charts. The statement makes no allowance for the markets are not something you can make “absolute” statements about most of the time.

There is also little mention of the risk to reward ratio of the system. Surely if you had a system which claims to be great because it does not fall into the “too risky” catagory you would make the most of it in your marketing blurb?

Again the arguement against “lagging” indicators are used by Forex Trigger to push it’s non-lagging trading method. However, you only have move to the bottom of the Forex Trigger page to see that they are giving away a lagging indicator with your purchase!

Just for information that indicator looks very much like fisher transform in my opinion. In otherwords freely available indicators.

The worst comment I think Forex Trigger makes is “you follow each and every step mentioned here, you may expect the average winning trades to be around 93%”. First of all this is probably not true. At best they can get away with saying this as 93% of all trades may “move into profit”. This is very different from trades being profitable.

But don’t worry they are offering it at a reduce price only $77 for Forex Trigger..reduce from $497!!! WOW!!! Aren’t they nice!!!

We’ve been here many times before haven’t we? Nothing is changing with regards to these clickbank products. Just a shame I can’t find one that I think is worth selling so at least I could make some money on the back of one.

I really feel I should do a review of this “system” but I just know it will be a wasted $77. But if you have seen it, read it, traded it. Let me know. Post a comment below. Lets hear the truth about Forex Trigger before it makes money and the traders who purchase it lose money.

2 Responses

  1. Forex says:

    What is the secret to successful forex trading? A complete newbie to forex trading, I am having difficulties figuring out where to look for information, but also what exactly to look for. Commodities? Bank quarterly results?

  2. Jason says:

    Its not something you figure out. It is like anything esle you have learn to trade. You have to hav e a consitant trading method. You have ot give yourself time to learn your trade. You also have to accept that you don’t suddenly become a master at trading and that is it. It never gets “easy”. You are always having to work to make you money.

    And don’t be fooled by scams like Forex Trading Machine. They are just there to make money for the affiliates not for you!!:-)

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