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How to avoid ranging markets and make the trend your friend

Part 3 of 3 Read Part 1 Read Part 2 The purpose of this three-part series has been to refresh your confidence in your trusted technical indicators. When a trade goes wrong, it is not their fault. Decades of study in the technical analysis field have yielded a wealth of tools to guide the trader, but...
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If your technical indicator lets you down, try doubling down

Part 2 of 3 Read Part 1 In Part 1 of this three-part series, we discussed the favorite habit of all forex traders – to become disenchanted with your technical indicators, as if they were responsible for your poor performance in the trading realm. The basic point to remember is “confluence”, the...
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Are technical indicators really valid tools for currency traders?

Are there any traders out there that have never cursed their chosen indicators for letting them down? Are there any traders out there that are sick and tired of hearing that past performance is no guarantee of future results? Are you ready to join the critics of technical analysis and call it a self-fulfilling...
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Superfast Forex Indicator Is The Same Old Story

A story which we have read and written about time and time again. Indicators like Superfast forex from the infamous Karl Dittmann are nothing new but yet there still seems to be a market for them. I can only put it down the need and desire to know “does it work”. Until one can decide for...
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Super Bowl Indicator 2013

Last year NFC winners New York Giants won the Super Bowl. Within the context of the Super Bowl Indicator this meant that the stock market should have declined for 2012. However it finished up on 2011’s close. So it was not such a good indicator as it was in for 2011. This year we have the Baltimore...
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