Need A Metatrader Indicator Coded?

Love Trading Buy/Sell Arrow Signals? Try This!

There are loads of places that you can get an indicator coded for metatrader and ninjatrader for that matter.

If you have something you want coded why not email us and if we can we will cover the cost of the coding in return for it being an open source indicator for all the MT4 and ninjatraders to use.

There are plenty of places you can get your indicator coded:-

Get a Freelancer

or try one of the trading forums

FX Fisherman Forum

Forex TSD

2 Responses

  1. Marc Spangenberg says:

    Hi All
    I need and indicator/ea for Ninja Trader. I would like to trade from a horizontal line on a chart. I want to manually move this line up and down the chart as needed. The first time price crosses this line, it should open a position. Every subsequent cross it should reverse the position.
    Thanks for you help

  2. GreatTradingSystems says:

    Not sure there is one exactly like that but it wouldn’t be too much to code. There are plenty of programmers who would do it for you.

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