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15 Responses

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  2. forextracer says:

    great tips for people looking to get into forex trading!

    will look forward to the next one!

  3. smartforextrader says:

    nice vid…
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  5. VideoGuideToProfits says:

    FAP is crap!

  6. VideoGuideToProfits says:

    Those are both scam robots, they dont work

  7. andreabarnet592 says:

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  8. Top6ForexSiteReview says:

    thank you for video!!

  9. vbluemist says:

    thanks for the video!

  10. amantebandido123 says:

    But where were you born to say this?

  11. wwwForexsigcom says:

    Great video, very useful & informative especially for new traders.

  12. smartforextrader says:

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  13. popibaal1 says:

    great video

  14. frogjim says:

    blah blah….forex will take all your money

  15. cooldog60 says:

    Anyone who don’t all ready know this should not be trading!

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