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Having met some really interesting people at the Forex Investor Show last week and after my collision with ‘Forex Pecker’ I thought a great way to try and put across what I am trying to say with this site would be to try and a create a trading system in real time.

So rather than just post up some basic concept (which is what this article is) we can take it a stage further and adjust it, test it, back test it, forward test it and maybe even change the concept, time frame and markets. In fact at the end of it all (or even sooner) it may turn out to be another concept to be confined to the trading bin with 100s of others.

The point is I hope to get others involved and through discussion people will understand why trading systems work and what makes them not work and give them a whole different out look on trading.

The GTS Trix Trading System

    The concept is very simple.

1) To use the MTF Trix Indicator as the entry signal

2) To use another for exit, current suggestion is the SAR Indicator

    Things to determine further

1) Rules for filtering trades
2) Which markets to trade
3) Which time frames to trade
4) Initial stop levels
5) And most importantly can it be profitable

The basic idea as detailed in the chart below is to use the Trix Indicator from a 30 min chart on a 5 minute chart. This means we have to use the MTF Trix Indicator. There is however one issue with this indicator is that the singal generated by the trix on the larger time frame does change within the 30 minute period. However these signals are not always removed at the end of the period if a new signal has not been generated.

The best way to ensure a signal is real is at the end of a 30 min period you right click on the MTF Trix indicator and open the indicator properties and then just click ‘OK’ which will refresh the indicator. This is not like a normal repainting indicator which prints a signal and then changes after several periods. The signal at the end of a 30min will be correct.

I will however, ad a version of the indicator that does not fix the signal arrows until the end of the period in due course.

Once entered into a trade we ignore the Trix and watch the stop indicator. I have looked at other stop indicators like SuperTrend, ATR Stop, BB Stop but thought we should start with the Parablic SAR. Again it is nothing that we can not change if need be but these types of stops provide an initial stop level plus a trailing stop.

Once a trade has been stopped out assuming the Trix has not changed you can re-enter using the SAR.

I have various other ideas but that is it for the basic concept. The rest can be discussed on the forum where it will be easier to follow changes. I can already see issues with the concept but I can also see benefits. If you see the circled areas they are naturally the areas where we will get stopped out but by using the SAR this limits those loses quite nicely. So I already feel quite happy that it is a system worth investigating more closely.

Ultimately the idea is based on using a slow time frame to get into a trade but using a fast one to get out. I would probably be looking for a positive risk to reward ratio on this and strike rate somewhere between 50-60% but that is only a guess at the moment.

Take a look at the indicators and settings. Try them on the chart and then join the FOREX FORUM and add your thoughts to the design. And hopefully the GreatTradingSystems (GTS) MTF Trix Trading System can be something you can use in your trading to make a little bit of profit.

    For the purpose of the initial discussion the Settings are as follows:

FTSE 100 Futures Chart (Continuous on the MT4 platform)
5 Min Period
S.A.R – Step=0.01, Maximum=0.1
MTF Trix Time Frame=30mins, Trix Period=3, Signal Period=2

    Trading System Indicators

MTF Trix

The Parabolic SAR in the template is the standard one issued with MT4. However, we do have another one should
you not have it.

Parabolic SAR

    Trading System Template

GTS Trix Trading System Template

You will find the discussion on this trading system HERE. Any comments or questions post away!

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7 Responses

  1. magic says:

    How can you put this indicator in my platform?

  2. GreatTradingSystems says:

    Indicators need to go in the indicators folder which can be found in the experts and templates into the main template folder of your MT4 platform.

    Please read this

    If you have problems with the TRIX MTF indicator you may need the original Trix indicator as well. You can download it here:-

    Make sure all indicators are compiled.

  3. GreatTradingSystems says:


  4. Longer timeframe trader says:

    I like what I see here. Nice and simple. The basic concept seems logical. It might be interesting to add another indicator to confirm the entry along w the red/ green arrows. But I wouldn’t add more than 1 indicator and risk cluttering up the chart and creating confusion. Making poor entries is my only real trading problem. And because of it, suffering excessive draw down that ruins what could and should have been a decent trade. The exits points on the sample screen shot look very well covered by using the blue Parabolic SAR. Once you have that many PIP’s in the bag so to speak, you’d probably already have a stop loss placed at the nearest support/ resistance or major Fibonacci level. Lately I have been looking more closely at using price action and mkt volume rather than time. The Renko Brick charts look awesome for this reason. They filter out a lot of noise because movements are based on price action rather than time. But getting back to this system, I want to try this on a 1hr, 4hr, and maybe daily (demo) chart and see if my style of trading allows me to pick up a few PIP’s. Thanks for showing us this, I appreciate it.

  5. GreatTradingSystems says:

    Thanks for your comment.

    Personally the entry is the ‘easy’ bit of trading. The money is made in how you manage the trade imo.

    Follow the development of this idea in the forum. I think the BB stop is doing better than the SAR.

    Will be looking at various time frames and different markets in a couple of weeks.

  6. Konrad says:

    After store of the Trix MTF Indikators this is not indicated in the Chartwindow. In addition, my MT4 is so loaded a reasonable work is not possible. Has still seen no indicator which takes up so a lot of resources. Do you have a solution suggestion?

  7. GreatTradingSystems says:

    Have you compiled the indicator? Is it showing in your indicator list at all?

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