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By 2006 40% of all trades were entered by algorithmic traders on the LSE (with that expected to rise to 80%) and 25% of forex volume was also based on algoritmic. So, it is clear that in the “market” place program system trading is by far the most important type of trading.

But what about for the independent day trader?

Personally, and I know I keep banging on about it, I feel systematic trading is the best way to consistent returns in day trading. I believe the more information you have about what your potential, wins/loses/drawdowns/costs etc the better and you can only get this information from trading consistently via a system.

Despite this many feel that they can not make money using a mechanical trading system. I have a feeling this is more due to the amount of work you have to put into designing a trading system. So I worry that the future of system based trading for the independent trader is not looking good.

Further, with the increase in fake scam trading robots that look so great on paper but don’t live up to the hype traders have been put off trading like this.

So what I want to know is. Why don’t you trade using a mechanical system? What would make you change from discretionary to system based trading? What information could GreatTradingSystems.com provide to help you in this change?

Post your comments below and maybe we can keep the future of trading systems alive.

2 Responses

  1. justin says:

    I’m a software engineer AND investor.

    Why don’t people do systematic trading? because we can’t!

    There is a huge barrier to entry here. I would love to sit down and pound out my own algorithm for an API, but there are almost no easily accessible resources on the subject.

    I would purchase a system, but google returns the most add riddled results ever. I have no idea what’s good or what’s not. I’m afraid I’ll spend money on something I can’t use or that isn’t compatible.

    Having said all of that, my research points me to IB. I have an interest in physics (very mathematical) and am in SEG. I feel like their API plus bracket trader would be perfect for me.

    Or maybe I’m way off. who knows!

  2. Jason says:

    Interactive Brokers and bracket trader were exactly the way I was trading. Not a bad place to start.

    I think one really has to go through the process of designing a system rather than just buying it. But once you have an idea that works on paper. Building an API
    or an EA to trade the system is easy in my opinion…….pay a freelancer to design it.

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