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Dow Never Lose Trade by Karl Dittmann is the follow up to Stock Index Secret Trade.

Although we have reviewed the earlier ‘Dittmann’ system on here I tried to review the Dow Never Lose Trade with fresh eyes as if I hadn’t read or written about Karl Dittmann systems before. However, for obvious reasons some refrences to the other systems are logical when writing such a review.

I purchased this system at the end of last week and have gone through it several times and I believe I can give an honest and independent review of this trading system.

As always I like to talk about the system selling website first. The first think that strikes me is the statement- “This is Guaranteed! There is no way to lose money!”. The site is full of keywords like “secret”, “exact trading alorithm”, “wealthy Trading Elite” etc etc which can only help draw people in to wanting to try this trading system. The use of these kind of words really leads me to believe that the seller is a better at marketing than at trading.

karl Dittmann, as we have learnt before, is not the system creators real name. The site and system hides behind this sudonym and it’s clickbank affiliate sellers. However, I made the concious effort to not buy it through an affiliate and through the original source and lets just say the seller is more Russian than German or at least the name on email reciept is.

The site contains all the usual suspects of MT4 trading statements, “blanked-out” trades, testimonials, free bonus ebooks or EA’s and the all important ” 60 Day Money Back Guarantee” (which I will come back to in due course). The cost of the system came to just over £73…the advertised priced does not seem to include tax charged when the order is processed.

As, always with these reviews, I am interested in whether the system is as described. The ‘system’ comes in the form of a 16 page (at time of writing this article) document. The first 4 pages are taken up by explaining a little history and background to the “Dow Jones”. One thing to note is at least we know which market this system, unlike secret stock index trade, trades on at the time of buying it.

Then we get in to the ‘meat’ of the system and my heart sinks. Pretty much immediately you can tell this is nothing new, nothing amazing, nothing like you would hope. We then get a little education on how to draw the certain lines needed to trade this method. Again nothing you couldn’t have picked up in any trading book. The system even comes with an illegal download of John Murphy’s Technical Analysis Of The Financial Markets. But failing that you can find how to draw these types of lines in any technical analysis book or website. It is as ‘starter level’ as they come.

And we also a get a quick reminder. “The system has proven itself; millions of dollars have been earned. Now you can do it too!”….I’m still not convinced. But surely the statement “there is no way to lose” should ease my concerns? Well it didn’t.

The problem is that there is always a way to lose in trading. That is the nature of the beast. This is a game where we exchange money for risk? If there wasn’t any risk everyone would be doing it….and winning.

A few charts of sucessful trades are then shown, which I don’t have an issue with in general but one of them completely highlights the fact that this is a discretionary trading system. Two traders will not draw the same lines as each other.

I am also drawn to a possible lack of knowledge of the author when he says “Do not trade on the side (corrections) trends”. This sort of fits in with an early statement about buying only in up trends (which I can not disagree with) but it fails to note that the trading system is actually based on trying to catch the end of corrections with in a trend.

On a good note there is a set stop amount however, the target price comes within a discretionary range. This means if you use the lower of the range you can afford 2 losses per winner to breakeven, but if you use the upper range you can afford 4. That is a massive difference that could make one trader a winner and one a loser. It also makes it very hard to back test. You can not back test a system if every trade your are wondeing why you would have closed they trade and at what price level.

After a few more recent example charts the Pdf ends.

Having looked over a few historical charts I can quickly see the problem comes in deciding how you draw a line. This will ultimately decide if an individual trade is a winner of loser along with the decision on when to close the trade.

On the plus side, if you have target price twice the size of the stop value you only need a 33% strike to break even. But any system with such a risk to reward would . However, given the selective nature of the trading decisions and trade frequency it will be a long time before you are making “millions” from such a trading system. Infact I would expect you would need a £20-50k trading pot to really make it worth while.

At the end of the day this system is based on text book technical analysis that is trend following. I can’t help but feel cheated somewhat. I certailnly feel more cheated than when I reviewed Karl Dittmann’s Secret Stock Index Trade.

Due the complete lack of originality and decisive target pricing or a consistent exit strategy I have awarded the “Dow Never Lose Trade” a zero “G” rating.


Please note the review was based on the system which is present to purchasers on a web page. This means that the sellers can change the content of that web page at any time.

I have also not reviewed the various “extra” things they try to “pull” in the punters with. GreatTradingSystems.Com was only interested in the said trading system.


6 Responses

  1. Jason says:

    Worth noting Dow Jones Never Lose Trade is currently no 17 in clickbank products of similar type.

  2. Mike says:

    Bleh! Clickbank products!

  3. Jason says:

    I know what you mean. I am starting a separate site soon to see how this whole things works. Who buys thems? How many get refunded? How many a totally B.S and how many (if any) could be useful.

    I am also quite interested in “who” buys these products? Will they buy anything or only products with “good” (but fake) reviews or will they buy forex robots that are honestly reviewed still?

  4. Karl says:

    I bought several of Dittman’s systems.
    The best thing I received were the “goodies”, i.e.
    links to free systems. One of them at least seemed interesting to me ( Micro-Trading the one-minute chart )
    The above-mentioned system is a simple breakout-system.
    I cannot understand ( apart from marketing reasons ) why it is called “never-lose”. There is no such thing as “never-lose”!

    Dittman claims to be German, his address is Bonn, but there is just a post-box, no street. Surely, he lives elsewhere. A fake identity. E-mails are not answered, at least not mine. Al in all: SCAM!

    You may wonder why I bought this system. Answer: sheer curiosity! I have never traded the FOREX and never will. It is a losing game for 95% of all traders.
    My hobby ( I am retired ) is collecting trading systems and gambling systems ( Roulette ) I have a nice collection of over 100 of them, pricing from the notorious $97 to $5000. And best of all: none of them works! Trading is a costly hobby, nothing more.All systems I have here are useless scrap. They reflect the desire of humans to make a living without much work. The only thing which works: invest in yourself, learn and perfection the skills you need in your job and in life. This is rewarding. Forex trading is not.

    Do not waste your time with a 95% losing game. Even Roulette is better: the odds are just ca 2.7% against you. And you lose nevertheless. Inevitably! Because of mathematical laws. And FOREX is MUCH worse! The odds are 95% against you!

    Thank you for this site, it is an oasis of truth in the ocean of scam.
    Keep on the good work!

    Karl from Cologne, Germany

  5. Jason says:

    “Do not waste your time with a 95% losing game. Even Roulette is better: the odds are just ca 2.7% against you”

    you have to be careful with your probabilities. Just because 95% of people lose trading doesn’t mean you have 95% chance of a loss. I place a bet more people make money at trading than they do roulette.

    It is a difficult game there is no question about it but treating it like a hobby is a risk way to go about it imo. You have to full commit to it. Buying systems will not teach you anything. You have to go through the motions yourself.

  6. yo says:

    This is interesting, you’re great ! Good continuation. Sorry for my english.

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