Dow Jones Never Lose Trade

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Dow Jones Never Lose Trade? I hear you ask? “Really… I thought is was Dow Jones Never Loss Trade or Dow Never Lose Trade”?

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The reality is they all of the same thing. When I first did my Dow Never Lose Trade Review back in January that was the title of the product or at least that was what most affilates were marketing the Dow Jones system as. I actually still have the PDF which is titled Dow Jones Never Loss Trade not Lose Trade.

The problem comes when there are so many affiliates marketing the same product they all try to compete for business and they end up using varying titles slightly. I guess in someway I am doing the same thing with this article (just compare the other post titles on the same subject to this one).

Naturally when a genuine site like Great Trading Systems writes a not so favourable review about a trading system such as Dow Jones Never Lose Trade the review slowly creeps up the search rankings in google thus pushing down the affiliate sites. Obviously this doesn’t bode well for their business in taking money from traders so they set to work and change titles. And start plugging new links with new titles and before you know it there are no bad reviews for the new title: “Dow Jones Never Lose Trade”.

I have also noticed a few sites using my orginal dow jones never loss trade review to promote their affiliate links on their site. I am currently in the process of taking action against these people to remove the content or at the very least credit this site as the original authors. However this is a lengthy process requiring letters to be sent to Google in the USA.

Anyway I just wanted to assure followers of Karl Dittmann‘s systems that this is not a new system of “his” but the same old stuff plugged by the same old people. And if I can also knock a few scammers off the top spots in google at the same time then even better!!

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