Multiple Servers on MT4

Mutliple servers make access to various brokers’ data feed much more simple by having all brokers on one platform.

1) Download your platform from your chosen broker. This will be free and you should not have to pay for your MT4 platform.

2) Download and unzip this Server File

3) Add the contents of the unzipped file to your “MT4 Boker Name”/Config folder. Remember not to overwrite the ones that come with your platform as these will be their latest most up to date versions.

4) Now you can open an account via your MT4 platform : File -> Open Account

5) After you have completed the forum you can select which server to use for your data.

Please note this does not mean you have opened a trading account with each provider and you will have to register with them via their websites should you wish to do so.

Further, the different servers supply different data for different instruments. Please take this into account when deciding which to use to test trading systems on. I would always suggest testing systems on the data from the broker you are going to trade through.

Note the server file can contain out of date servers due to the constant changes made by brokers.

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