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Trading systems using xpMA and other moving averages

The elusive holy grail trading system is still….errrrrr….elusive. However, as always, the best ideas can come out of the worst ideas. So it always looking at varrious trading systems that you know deep down are not going to provide you with the greatest trading system in the world

How To Protect My EA Or Indicator So It Can Not Be Unlocked

There is only one way to protect your metatrader EA or indicator so it can not be unlocked by anyone. Yes, that is possible. The main secret behind this idea is to use a web server. Any logical calculations will be done on the web server so no one ever will see them. Your software will use DLL

Hurst Exponent Indicator For MT4

I came by this Hurst Indicator when I was looking for some other time series trading information. I thought it was worth adding to indicator database although I have not looked into using it myself as of yet. Hope it provides someone with a useful tool to trading. Wiki states that “The

Bill Williams’ Fractals As A Trailing Stop

Thought this was quite an interest concept for a trailing stop. Note, this is based on how MT4 draw Fractals, other platforms may draw them differently and thus may not be so good. But if that is the case I am sure you can work out what the difference is (as it will be consistent) and just


ZigZag Indicator

ZigZag indicator is one of those indicators people love or hate. It is the Marmite of indicators. Below is chart with the Gann ZigZag Indicator for MT4 on.

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