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Love Trading Buy/Sell Arrow Signals? Try This!

Go to a deisgnated broker and download their demo of Metatrader 4, you can download a platform from anyone of them for free (you may need to register for a demo account-Try This One) and then install various servers from different providers on to one platform.

Each provider offers different markets and instruments so by having a server list you can quickly try different demo from various providers thus finding what you want quickly and efficiently.

Once you have installed the Metatrader 4 Charting Package you can install the server file as follows:

Download and unzip this file and copy the contents of the ‘config’ folder into your MT4/config folder (do not let it overwrite should it ask).

Once you have done that can then open an account with any of servers/brokers without having to download the whole MT4 package from each broker. Some of the servers do get replaced over time so not all servers will always be active. Great Trading Systems will try to keep the file upto date as possible.

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  1. prempratap says:

    i like this website i want to larn more

  2. GreatTradingSystems says:


  3. Interesting Topic and Always refreshing to know great people like to help those to help themselves. This is a puzzle I’ve seen with the cool use of MT4 I would love to read more on this use for a hobby trader working full time on learning to trade. The True Benefits having a Server List and have server connections to multiple Brokers. The accumulation of data to properly collect and use from Current Tick Back to certain years can be helpful. !! But in taking this further recognizing the various types of markets and seeing this current Trend Lacking Whipsaw market. We’re having to trade in today’s action. Is also part of the learning experience. It is not all that easy as people say ” Keep it Simple ” Yet those whom have said this, already have spent numerous years also learning and blowing accounts. With Open cast of Free users all wanting to share Honest Truth for teaching and sharing in this great platform. Can we all have a chance at recovery of some Dear Hard Blood Sweat and Tears Monies back from the high taxing Gov’ts.

  4. Edited says:

    You will likely want to prune or even add some MT4 servers due to some brokers going out of business and such.

    But its a handy file.

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