How To Protect My EA Or Indicator So It Can Not Be Unlocked

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There is only one way to protect your metatrader EA or indicator so it can not be unlocked by anyone. Yes, that is possible. The main secret behind this idea is to use a web server. Any logical calculations will be done on the web server so no one ever will see them.

Your software will use DLL library as a bridge between Metatrader and webserver. Image that You use EA to sell when RSI cross down 50 line. Normally it would be programmed into EA or indicator and it can be visible to anyone that have EX4 decompiler. Anyone can have this today, I saw them available on eBay for 10$. Imagine these calculations made on the server side. Your software will pass some values including RSI to the webserver. Here the web software will ignore any other values, but RSI, they are just to confuse hackers. Web software will check if RSI is less than 50 and will return the value TRUE or FALSE so Your software on the Metatrader will know if to open SELL trade. This way no one will ever know what calculations your web server is doing.

This security is not a cheap solution to protect Your trading system calculations, but believe me it is the best way to do it. If you won’t protect your software if will end up on the eBay sold for 10$ by third party sellers.

Also note that you will get a user management mini website where you can add/remove users, change subscription expiration date. Software can be locked to be used on only one account number and it can be automatically integrated with ClickBank to add new users to the database. Your ClickBank clients will use their transaction receipt code as a password on your software and their email address as username. The system will work automatically as ClickBank will bill customers every month or week and subscription will be renewed. Once customers cancel their subscription and it expires they will no longer be able to use your software.

This type of service can be found at EA Coder and the team can help you protect your EAs.

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