Trading Statistics- 2010 Review

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Now we are in 2011 we can review the statistics mentioin earlier last year. The fire one was the Super Bowl Inidcator. This stated last year that “the New Orleans Saints win Super Bowl XLIV on 7 February the stock market will rise”.

The Saints did win and the FTSE did rise during the year 2010. However, the month of January did not show the path for the rest of the year. The month of January saw a decline which was reversed later in the year.

The other main indicator for the stock market we talked about was the Mid-Term Election System. This stated that “if we dip down in the early parts of 2010 you can be sure that there will be buyers out there”. It also stated that the average rise on the dow jones from the low to the end of the next year is about 50%. So far the FTSE has risen 23% from the Mid-Term Low.

So as you can see some statistics have produced a good result. They are always as good and shouldn’t be relied on but they form an interesting guideline for stock market investing timing on a year to year basis. Ideally suiting those who have funds to invest every year in pensions etc and know they are going to invest but need to know when to wait a while and when to jump in at the start of the year.

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