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Ultra Trend is a metatrader indicator which from a visual point of view is one of the best looking indicators in my opinion.As of yet I have not found any forex trading systems that use Ultra Trend as it’s main signal. Most seem to use it as a trend identifying indicator. Just by looking at it on a chart you can see why.

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As the RED line crosses the BLUE( or crossed the middle line) the trend switches from down to up. The trend will be considered to be up until the lines cross again. Do not be confused with the line topping out as being ‘overbought’. This is not a stochastic ocsillator, so you shouldn’t treat it as such. This is because one the indicator has reached and extreme the price can and will continue for sometime in the current trend. Hence why it is a great trend indicator.

As you can see there are a few ‘false’ signals but they seem to be a lot smaller than the ‘winning’ signals. As I suggest with other indicators, it would probably be wise to use Ultra Trend as your trend indicator and use another indicator to trigger you into a trade. As always I would suggest stops should be used and should be relative to the trade entry method and trading time frame.

Naturally, as with all trend indicators Ultra Trend Indicator will perform better on the slower time frames. However I think on certain indices, like the FTSE, you can use it all the way down to the 5 minute chart.

If anyone has any good trading systems using Ultra trend do let us know. It is one of the more interesting indicators that should be explored further.

Free Indicator Download :- Ultra Trend Indicator

(note: this is not ‘fxultra trend’, that is a different trading system/indicator. If you are looking for fxultra trend then use the serch box at the top and search for “fxultra” and you should find what you are looking for. Thanks)

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  2. Jason says:

    maybe not…but then again maybe someone can put in the work and it will be good for them.

  3. Latour says:

    Looks reasonable. thanks.

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