TTM Trend Indicator For Ninjatrader and Metatrader

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The chances are you have come across this page looking for Carter’s TTM indicator or some other variation, such as the Vmax indicator.

Often these indicators are being sold as new, exciting, ‘the best’ indicators out there. Although, they are often not expensive, selling metatrader indicators like these is like selling water, it’s nothing you can’t get for free.

Sure all the vendors will say that theirs is something different and any free version will not be as good as theirs but in my opinion why pay for something that someone else has coded for free somewhere else and is happy to share.

TTM Trend and Vmax and the such like are basically bar indicators based on Heiken Ashi calculations give or take. In the download pages for Ninjatrader we have a few heikin aski indicators. Personally I am a fan of the smoothed heikin ashi (with price-I think) version. This allows a normal candle to be coloured the same colour of the heikin ashi direction. This means you do not have to have candles and HA candles on the chart; it’s all in one.

For metatrader there are also a selection of TTM, heikin ashi indicators on the download page.

These have been coded by people on the various forums over the years and there may be some more up to date ones out there. If you come across any, do let us know.

Whether you use heikin ashi candles or bars, Vmax indicator, TTM trend indicators from Carter, I would suggest that you only use them as a trend indicator at the best of times. I have personally tried to trade them as a sole indicator but any time the market chops about intraday your profit soon gets swallowed up. Unfortunately, the hardest part about trading is knowing when it’s trending and when it’s not. It is easy in hindsight but in real time it is not so easy. If it were then these indicators would be the best out there and I would even consider selling them for huge sums on money:-)

6 Responses

  1. Ted says:

    Hmm… I was looking for a Heikin Ashi indicator for Ninja Trader that just colors the candles and doesn´t paint HA bars. Just as you described above. Unfortunately the indicators above don´t work that way. They still paint the HA bars (hiding price option active or not), which is at least to totally unnecessary.

  2. Jason says:

    Which one are you using? YOu should be able to use the Heiken Ashi Smoothed. I will re upload the correct version just incase the wrong one is uploaded. Will call it Heiken Ashi Smoothed Color Candle. You should be able to just select “bar type” in the indicator settings. Any problems let me know.


  3. Jason says:

    Try this

    Think the issue was when I uploaded two batches of indicators it was named the same as another version and it got over written.



  4. Jason says:

    I forgot to add. In the metatraders indicator folder you should be able to find another paint bar option called ASC Bars. Pretty much the same as everything else but some might prefer the way it looks compared to other paint bars.



  5. mongo says:

    Hey gang…yes, am currently using the TTM candles on my TS platform. Love HA but like true candles with them colored Blue/Red for trend.

    I’m NOT finding this indi for MT4 with much success…anyone have this indi for MT4?

    Thx Mongo

  6. Jason says:

    I know what you are looking for as i got someone to code it like that for NinjaTrader. Will have to see if I can get them for Metatrader too.

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