Metatrader Time Indicator

Love Trading Buy/Sell Arrow Signals? Try This!

A great time indicator for metatrader 4. It allows you to highlight two ranges on your charts by time. You can colour them differently. You can highlight one sepcific bar if need be. This allows you to mark your own personal trading times on the chart. I also find it helps to identify trades when you are manually backtesting a trading system when you are looking for trades between certain trading times. It speeds up the whole process dramatically. And it is nice and smiple to use.

Download i-paramonworktime


5 Responses

  1. richies james says:

    but there one more quality of metatrader 4 that it allows the formation of charting and graphs with the use of excels itself one do not have to learn mql4 type languages for that

  2. Jason says:

    True but in reality there are so many people who can code MLQ4 that it doesn’t really matter anymore. Further I think most things a trader needs charting wise are already “out there” for free for MT4. Such a good platform for the cheap price of nothing.

  3. mark william says:

    with the meta trader4 along with the ease of formulating strategies the flexibility offered is simply great. mere use of excels with no typical language issues is awesome. i would suggest everyone the use of meta trader 4
    mark william

  4. Dennis says:

    I think your color band indicator is what I am seeking. When I select your download link…I land on a ‘program page’…

    I am not a programer…what can I do with this to have the MT4 utilize your program?


  5. Jason says:

    not sure why you get the download page, it should just be the indicator. But if you are on the download page with all the indicators on just look for the i-paramon indicator and left click and it should pop up asking you if you want to save it. And continue as normal i.e save to expert>indicators and compile etc. Any problem let us know.

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