MACD Indicator For NinjaTrader and Metatrader

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The Moving Average Convergence Divergence inidcator, MACD indicator, is described in our dictionary as “The crossing of two exponentially smoothed moving averages that are plotted above and below a zero line. The crossover, movement through the zero line, and divergences generate buy and sell signals.”

I am not going to descibe ways to trade the macd indicator. They are pretty straight forward and I think are well known even to fairly new traders.

We have several different MACD indicators, especially in the metatrader indicator download section. We have line versions, macd histograms, multi time frame (MTF) macd, and the macd sar (as shown in the article below).

One thing to note with MT4’s standard MACD is that is drawn as a signal line and a histogram for the main line. Where as most other versions draw the macd and signal as two lines and have a histogram to show thw distance the macd is from the zero line. This type is also to be found in the download sections of this site.

MACD Indicators for NinjaTrader

MACD Indicators For Metatrader

Macd Sar Indicator For Metatrader

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