Stock Index Secret Trading Method Review

Love Trading Buy/Sell Arrow Signals? Try This!

Great Trading Systems will be reviewing the “Stock Index Secret Trade” system shortly.

Their website says- “There is something which happens every day at the same time with the same Stock Index…! This is when you can make real money! It is absolutely possible to have 9 or even 10 winning trades out of 10… All you need is to know the secret and exact trading algorithm. The secret can be used for some other major stocks too!”

This system is ‘designed’ by a guy called Karl Dittmann , although judging by the website disclosure this is not his real name. For a change it’s not a forex robot EA so it should interest those that are not big forex traders.

The System is 100% mechanical and doesn’t need any tech indicators or
other tech materials…it can be used by anyone… even beginners
” so they say and has a strike rate of 90%…apprantly. GTS will be finding out if these claims are true.

The “stock index secret trading method-at the opening” review is currently being written and will be available to read for free on here very shortly. Keep checking back periodically to the systems review page.

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