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I would like to welcome our first 3rd Party Trading System advertiser.


If you are an experienced trader then you will know that Day Trading is not glamorous and it can be very hard work. If you are new to trading then as with everything new, it is fun for a while. However to be successful you need to work at it. It is not easy and costs most people everything they can afford to lose and for some, a great deal more. You can read every available book on trading, try every different style of trading, try to use all or different types of technical analysis, use different sets of indicators to help you with entering and exiting trades, but if you are still losing money, then something is still clearly wrong. Understanding the basics of the market and learning the obvious supports, resistances and moving averages, etc., can be achieved by anyone within a week. Learning when to enter and exit a trade within those parameters without going into a large loss first is the difficult part. Some traders manage not to lose money and keep their trading pot intact, completely forgetting the years spent in the process, when in fact stacking shelves in a supermarket during this time, would have paid more. On the occasions that one of the rare, profitable day-traders has finally found something that works for them, you will find that in many cases, they have often had no more successful trades than they have had losing trades, but fortunately when added up at the end of each week, month or year, they have managed to run their profits more than their losses, thus creating a positive return. These are the smarter ones. However, without a substantial amount of money with which to trade, the income derived from those profits will be relatively small. The key to making a living from trading is to have many more profitable trades than losing ones whilst keeping the size of the losing trades to a minimum. A ridiculously obvious statement I know. Yet only a maximum of 3-5% of all Day Traders manage to achieve this and I am being generous at 3-5%. If for example a Day Trader (included in this 3-5%) has a very large trading pot as in millions and manages to make 10% PA., this for many would be enough to live on quite comfortably and therefore this trader would be regarded as successful. Most day-traders have a very small percentage of that and day trade because they need to make much greater returns. This is exactly what this system of trading provides. The obvious question for many would be: Why if you have a system that works, would you want to share it? One reason is simply that all my life, if I did not know the answer to something, then I would happily ask someone, and most were always happy to share their knowledge. The second and perhaps more important, yet also truthful reason, is that I am doing it for money. I decided that as I trade each day for a living, I may as well make an additional income at the same time by showing others how I do it. I do not have the time to sit with someone on a daily basis and teach them exactly how everything works and how to interpret things as I do. For day-trading, technical analysis and charts are essential and are available to everyone. It is how one interprets them as to what separates the winners from the losers. We all have the same indicators available to us to use, but if you trade and are unable to recognise the immediate direction you will lose. I am offering to show you how to find the right direction by actually trading live with you. If you lose, I lose. Now pose the question: Why would you not take advantage of something that claims it will make you money trading and will give you your money back if it cannot produce the goods? On that note, I would like to welcome you to Ftse100trading.com and wish you every success as a day-trader.

4 Responses

  1. david says:

    no response yet?

  2. jo says:

    stay away this is a scam

  3. GreatTradingSystems says:

    Why? Let us know your reasons.

    What it does/doesn’t do? How you long your traded with them etc etc.

  4. Dan says:

    Your Text on this “page” would ” Sir” seem all rather acedemic. It is rather obvious that the trading of any major index in not a straight forward thing. However with diligence and time any person can learn to understand the basics of market behaviour to gain an understanding of the opportunities that exist each and every month or week or day. The biggest regret I have for all new interested people is that they are conditioned (in the vast majority of cases) to think that they have to be constantly in a trading position.
    It is perfectly fine to allow yourself hours/days of not trading if the so called “trading signals” do not give them the go ahead to do attempt a profit taking exercise. Many systems that suit some people with give signals that others cannot take (due to their environment that they live in ie work) and indeed they will see many of these fulfill there potential even though they would not have been able act on them.
    These are the people that blindly listen to postings such as this and should be well warned of this fact!
    I agree with some of the text above, about the signals and being confused etc, but these people should first be aware that websites supporting their own performance and beliefs will rarely match their own.
    As Bruce Lee said “Absorb what is useful to you, and discard everything that is not or merely ornamental!” or something like that.
    On a personal not I spen 8 year following websites like a blind sheep until I realised that there is a lot of useful info out there which is good. But you should consider what they are selling you if they are telling you this is how you sould trade.
    A few thing to consider.
    1 How would I be able to trade
    2 What would I trade
    3Do I know how to trade
    4Do I know myself as an attempted trader!!!! (This person is likely to be a complete stranger to you once you start!) believe me I have been there and bought the ticket.
    If this helps one person then it has been worth the effort to type it!

    Replies welcome.

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