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Love Trading Buy/Sell Arrow Signals? Try This!

By now you will have realised how wary I am of people who sell trading systems. I actually have no problem in someone trying to make a living from selling something, however there is a lot of dishonesty involved in selling trading systems these days. More often than no trading systems are sold by non traders who really do not care what they are selling.

They use all the marketing tricks in the book. And out of all these ‘tricks’, the one that winds me up the most is the one where they constantly send you emails informing you that there are only a few left for sale or that there is only a few days left to purchase. This marketing method is used in many cold sales departments across the world. It is annoying and I know it must catch new traders out who just are not sure of the industry that surrounds the independent day trader.

To make things worse this selling technique is starting to be used by decent trading system retailers. Below is a list of email blurb by date that I got from one system seller.

28 January 2010-DON’T MISS OUT > 33% OFF – ONLY 2 days left!
28 January 2010-LAST CHANCE to earn 33% OFF – just 6 copies left!
29 January 2010-33% DISCOUNT OFFER, time’s up – only 2 copies left!

Then I got 4 days of emails during February of how good the system was and “what are you waiting for” and then back to…….

02 March 2010-33% OFF – ONLY 3 days left!
And so the cycle repeats.

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a keen “seller” of anything. Although I am quite good at it I can’t sell something that is not worth selling. Maybe that makes me a little more sensitive to these kind of emails.

All I would say if you are new and you get loads of emails similar to those, don’t feel like you have to rush out and buy the trading system just incase it sells out. I won’t. Take your time. Do some research and then wait for the next discount email before you buy….if in fact that is what you have chosen to do.

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