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By Zero Wolf from Live Charts UK Message Boards 19/03/2010

As a regular customer of Capital Spreads I was naturally excited when I heard they were upgrading their trading platform, I have been trading with them for a few years and had always found their platform a little “clunky” compared to spread betting firms like CMC and IG Index. Even though I was never 100% happy with the trading platform, I like the level of customer service I got from Capital Spreads so stuck with them because of this.

One of the things which used to annoy me on the old platform was when adding to a position and wanting to create a separate stop for the new trade then it wasn’t possible. The stop had to be on the position as a whole, so it meant having to sit and nurse a position if I was planning to reduce the stake to preserve a break even on the trade. With the new platform they added a feature which keeps each new entry in the order book separate. Occasionally if a trade is in profit, I will add to the trade, and move the stop level so there is a breakeven level on the whole position, with this new feature I can easily set a stop on each separate entry and stagger limits to take profits.

Also, another new feature, when I want to close a trade I can now just hit the close button next to the order details in the main window and a ticket appears to the right of the main screen. On this ticket you can easily set an amount to close should I want to close only half of a position, or even add to it.

Capital Spreads platform has a portfolio section, which the old platform had, but didn’t really work very well. Now I can easily add any markets into the portfolio and remove them should I not want to monitor them anymore.

As always the spreads on Forex majors are very good, EURUSD being at 1 pip spread and GBPUSD at 2 pips. I have found them to be instantaneous at executing trades since the platform migration, with the occasional “routing to dealer” message which only lasts 2 or 3 seconds at busy times, like round important data releases such as FOMC or NFP.

The trading system I use follows short term trends, mainly using a 5 minute and 15 minute chart, so getting in and out quite quickly is sometimes an important part of my system. Capital Spreads new platform is ideal for this as it runs fast and does not freeze (which is something you read about often with spread betting companies).

The charting in the platform is quite standard. They have fast loading, easy to use charts, however they lack good indicators and you could not really use them to back test a trading system. Because of this I use Capital Spreads only to trade and for charting I keep Metatrader open.

If you are more interested in the stock market then they also offer good spreads on most indexes and shares too. For example the DAX and FTSE 100 are priced at a 1 point spread, and Dow Jones is at 3 points. I used to trade the FTSE 100 occasionally with them in the old platform and always found the prices followed the futures quite neatly, I would imagine this is still the case in the new platform.

Overall I am very happy with the platform upgrade, and I will be a customer for the foreseeable future because they offer me a great service all round now.

Updated 12/5/2010
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