Top 5 Pages 2011

Love Trading Buy/Sell Arrow Signals? Try This!

Just thought I would take a look at what most of our readers have been reading and searching the site for over the last year.

So what was popular during 2011?

1)Winning Pips System

Free trading concept posted half way through 2011 which means it became the most popular page for the year despite only being online for only 6 months.

2)Range Bars

Written in March 2010 this article showcases a piece called Time is relative with range bars
from FuturesMag.Com 2009 and will get you thinking about different charting methods.

3)Sniper Forex Indicators

Think indicators for famous trading systems look familiar? We try to decipher what Sniper Forex is based on and pretty much decode the whole system.

4)Euro Daily Trader Review

Trading system review which proved popular due to its similarity to Hooya and Dax Band Trading concepts from GTS.

5)Free Forex Indicators

A great article detailing how free forex indicators are not a specific type of indicators and that any indicator can work just as well on futures as well as forex. Most people would struggle to tell the difference between a an Index chart and an FX chart; can you?

2 Responses

  1. Can’t get your indicators to install.I keep getting a message (the existing file ‘indicator/@WMA.cs’ on your PC is a newer version of the one contained in the Ninjascript Archive File you are importing.Would you like to replace the existing file?)

    When I click on yes, it keeps repeating the message. I do not have this file in Ninjatrader.

  2. GreatTradingSystems says:

    The indicator uses WMA in its calculation which I assume is a weighted moving average which I guess will be a standard indicator. That is probably why it is asking you if you want to replace it. Also the indicators on here for NT6.5 and you could be running NT7 which could be the issue.

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