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Start Simple, Save Money

The harsh reality is, learning to trade is an expensive business. I am not sure I have met anyone who, trading independently, with little capital makes a living from trading straight away. If you are like most you will have good times, and bad times. Profitable times and costly times. It comes

Top 5 Pages 2011

Just thought I would take a look at what most of our readers have been reading and searching the site for over the last year. So what was popular during 2011? 1)Winning Pips System Free trading concept posted half way through 2011 which means it became the most popular page for the year despite


Price Action Made Simple

What is price action? How do you trade using price action? “Price action…yeah right!!” These are things than any trader hears constantly. The reality is most trades are based on price action in some form or another. Naturally, those that choose to trade purely by indicators

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5 Things You Need For A Winning System

1) Positive Risk To Reward Ratio Risk to reward ratio is something that you need to understand when it comes to creating your trading system. With out a good risk to reward ratio you are fighting a losing battle. This factor will make the difference between a system being a winner and a loser.


Two Stops For Your Trading System?

We are constantly told to use stops by trading gurus and I have to hold my hand up and admit that I too have told you and other readers to use stops. In fact I have said “you must use stops, no questions” before. It seems that when people are creating trading systems they assume

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