A Simple Day Trading Strategy

Love Trading Buy/Sell Arrow Signals? Try This!

bit.ly Here’s a simple day trading strategy for the forex and futures markets. For more info visit bit.ly…

6 Responses

  1. Alejandro says:

    Could you send me the complete information about this system?
    Thak you.

    Alejandro Cachaldora
    Bs. As. – Argentina

  2. Jason says:

    Unfortunately it is not one of my systems. I found it on youtube. Maybe do a search on youtube and see if you can find the author for the video and ask him directly.

  3. Bryce Zappala says:

    I’ve been investing for about 7 years to date and I’m continuously watching out for beneficial sites and posts. This one definitely strikes a chord with me and I’m giving thought to quoting it on my personal blog. Do you give me your approval?

  4. Jason says:

    Sure maybe link back to this site so your readers can see all the free information that others want to charge for.

  5. Bert Rodriguez says:

    Hi please send me how to set the strategy and also the rules


  6. Jason says:

    Sorry the video is not by GTS but another trader. So I don’t have any further info for you,

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