FX Robot Makes Massive Profits

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Fx robot makes massive profits….for the sellers!!! Not the trader. I know I am sounding like a broken record so I will
keep it nice and short.

I came across these stats from a creator and seller of a fx robot. As you can see they show that selling robots makes a tidy sum for the retailer and the affiliates. Interestingly this robot provider had over 400 affiliates and he still, depsite paying them a heft chunk, managed to make $000s every month.

You can see the average revenue is quite impressive really. Further I am surprised how low the refund rate is compared to initial income. Below are a couple of months revenue and you can clearly see after fees the fx robot is generating huge profits for the provider. In one month alone, the robot generate an income of over $17k. This is a vast amount considering some traders probably didn’t make that over the lifetime of the robot.

robot1 And to top it all off the fx robot provider sold the website and resulting affilliate business for $10,000. So in one year net revenue was nearly $100,000. I am in the wong business!!! Are you?

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