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11:56 am
March 4, 2011



Post edited 10:36 pm – March 7, 2011 by GreatTradingSystems


The GTS Trix Trading System

    The concept is very simple.

1) To use the MTF Trix Indicator as the entry signal

2) To use another for exit, current suggestion is the SAR Indicator

     Things to determine further

1) Rules for filtering trades
2) Which markets to trade
3) Which time frames to trade
4) Initial stop levels
5) And most importantly can it be profitable

    For the purpose of the initial discussion the Settings are as follows:

FTSE 100 Futures Chart (Continuous on the MT4 platform)
5 Min Period
S.A.R – Step=0.01, Maximum=0.1
MTF Trix Time Frame=30mins, Trix Period=3, Signal Period=2

    Original Trading System Indicators (Used before but not in current system set up) 

The Parabolic SAR in the template is the standard one issued with MT4. However, we do have another one should
you not have it.


Parabolic SAR

Original Template (with SAR)

Current Indicators And Templates (Updated 6/3/11)


BB Stop Set to (10,2)

MTF Trix

GTS Trix Trading System Template 

Read original blog post

2:19 pm
March 4, 2011



Post edited 10:34 pm – March 7, 2011 by GreatTradingSystems

So now we have read the article and got the concept of our trading system how do we take it forward.


Personally what I do Is I watch and watch some more in real time. I do this before back testing as I think you see a lot more of the issues in a system in real time than you do just looking at the numbers. (although the numbers behind the system are still the most important factor behind as good system).


I will post up a chart every day for a week or so just to get an idea of what is happening from day to day.


If you have any ideas. Post away.

11:51 am
March 5, 2011



Post edited 10:11 pm – March 7, 2011 by GreatTradingSystems

This yesterdays chart (4/3/11)


Been looking at the BB Stop rather than SAR. Just looks better to me.

Notice the data release spike above thye BB Stop (yellow circle). Hightlights the issue with holding during data. If it had been a run away data release we could have be down sever % before the BB Stop  would have turned. i.e end of the 5 min bar. I don't mind being in positions at data release but you have to manage your trade wisely imo.


So I would propose that during data a stop is placed at the BB Stop level which closes position on touch not at end of period.


Also notice out of hours trading is choppy. It was also a Friday night so even more reason not to trade FTSE after 4:30/5:30.

12:48 pm
March 7, 2011



Post edited 10:13 pm – March 7, 2011 by GreatTradingSystems

Starting to get a few signals intra-period but no signal yet at the end of the 30min TRIX.


Something to think about?


Do we take all entries even if the BB Stop or SAR (which ever you are using) is still in opposition? Or do we wait for both stop indicator and trix to align in same direction?

9:40 pm
March 7, 2011



Post edited 10:14 pm – March 7, 2011 by GreatTradingSystems

Today (7/3/11)



The day started off in an uptrend so could have entered a speculative trade if that is you style or you could wait until the first signal of the day. This was the green circle i.e first new BB stop signal in trend. Looks like it would have be stopped for only a couple at best.


Similar to the first short trade of day. The next coulple where close together the first triggering a trade quite close to the BB stop for a loss but a new short was triggered after 30mins and was a great trade to catch. Resulted in 71 points for 20pt risk. More than enough to offset the small wins and the loss earlier in the day.


Again goes to show you have to be able to take all the trades. You start picking a choosing you will soon miss the big trades.


More tomorrow…..

1:54 pm
March 9, 2011



A couple of swings on the MTF yesterday. With the long near the end of the day being the most fruitful.


Today looks quite chopy too. By the looks of things one would be sitting on one loss so far today but have no doubt there would be a decent move later. Will check back later and see.

5:00 pm
March 10, 2011



Less chop today on the indices. Dax seems to be better.


To early to tell whether the system would need a "no more than x number of losses in a day" rule or whether you just have take your luck and trade the whole basket of trades.


Most newbie traders at this point would try to apply another filter. I think this is a mistake as this would just be filtering a filter so to speak.

I find it is better to play withe the price action side of things or  the trading rules rather than add more indicators. Changing price action rules could me adding in a rule like the entry candle must be within x number of points of the stop or could be something like only take the trade after a 3 bar reversal.

However I think simple is best. Will keep all options in mind whilst watching for another week.

8:45 pm
March 11, 2011



not many bigs swings around this week. Bad day in Japan obviously but not much effect in UK hours.


Would have made a small win and a couple of losses/breakevens by the looks of things today.


I like the way the BBstop keeps the losses small. I can't find anything better at the moment.

5:51 pm
March 15, 2011



Post edited 5:55 pm – March 15, 2011 by GreatTradingSystems

Quite a good day on the trix system today.


2 clear trades on the FTSE 10 which can also be seen on the Dax. There was also an opportunity of another trade when the trix turned but the BBstop had already turned. This means you would jump in the trade as soon as the trix is confirmed at the end of the half hour period. It would have only been worth a few points but definitely have to have a think about whether to take those types of trades.


2:20 pm
March 17, 2011



Post edited 2:24 pm – March 17, 2011 by alexboyd



I'm going to look at this system today and then design an EA for it if it shows promise.


Hope to post back here soon.




EDIT:: Odd — it seems that whenever I load MTF Trix, MT4 starts to consume tons of CPU resources and freezes.  Even with low number of bars counted.  Any idea why this might happen?

2:26 pm
March 17, 2011



Hi and Welcome.


Still plenty more work to do with regards to trade selection and trade management etc. Automating a system is pretty easy these days for most platforms but as we know most EAs are useless because of the 'method' they are based on.


I already have someone waiting to code an EA once the system design is completed but feel free to code one.

5:34 pm
March 17, 2011



In that case, I'll wait a bit until the system is improved =)  And yes, I know too well that most EAs aren't worth our time.  I've coded hundreds, and only a few of those were worth pursuing and refining.

12:51 pm
March 18, 2011



Problems with most EAs are that they only make money (on paper) because of more often than not, the martingale money management behind it.


99% of methods would work if you applied a martingale  'adding to losing trades' system to it. But you wouldn't last long in real trading though.

5:16 pm
March 25, 2011



I believe someone has already possibly taken this concept and made an EA and no doubt will try to pass it off as their own idea and charge for it. Crazy dayz.

5:18 pm
March 25, 2011



On another note, looking at the DAX trades today which were quite clean I still believe we have something worth working on here.


Away for a week and then  time to do some small test trades.

10:36 am
April 8, 2011



FTSE futs charts on demo looking messy due to the low overught volume.


Dax however is still looking good.

1:02 pm
April 14, 2011



Just had a quick look at the dax for this week so far.


Taking the first trade on wards it only made net 16pts after 7 trades over 3 days.


I didn't take a position right at the open but waitied for the first signal and also one of the three losing trades was 18pts. The annoying thing was that the BB Band on the -18pt was actually only about 8pts away but it was an impulse move that took another 10pts for the candle to close.


Naturally you have to take the rough with the smooth.


Will have a look and see what the results were like if you take a position straight at the open.

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